Grass Valley Canopus EDIUS Pro V6.08 康能普视非编视频剪辑软件

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Program Name: Grass Valley Canopus EDIUS Pro V6.08 $ B/ `+ Q  L% n4 ^3 [5 `* V1 A; N
Program Type: Video Editing' `' L" w/ k& Y; \7 p9 e+ q1 X4 t
Release Date: 1/24/2011 (Posted: 2011-02-11)- O- r! T0 x, f: F0 k
Developer: Thomson Grass Valley (formerly Canopus)
$ w( V$ U! b6 S: i% p- @Homepage:
1 }* U0 x* j& Q" B" `' fInterface Language:  Multilingual, Y; ]3 A0 a/ J" N
Platform: Windows XP (32-bit), Vista, 7 (32- & 64-bit)! |2 t: j% W3 t) M  w0 H5 p6 ]
  n, Y$ X9 U2 M
EDIUS 6 - The new version of one of the best professional programs for video processing. EDIUS supports work in real time with a video data practically in all known formats, and also with not compressed video. The program gives the chance to work with unlimited quantity of the layers containing audio, the video-data or effects.( T9 k( f" \% j! M% x/ L
# e) S: a  l4 ^  U9 i6 ?! o$ U1 z
EDIUS nonlinear editing software is designed for any broadcast and postproduction environments, especially those with newer, tapeless forms of video recording and storage. No other NLE gives you so much versatility combined with sheer speed of editing. EDIUS supports real-time editing of all popular standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) formats. Perfect for file-based workflows, EDIUS offers real-time, multi-track, mixed-format editing, compositing, chromakeying, titling, and timeline output capabilities. In addition to the standard formats supported by the EDIUS family of NLEs, EDIUS supports P2 DVCPRO, AVC-Intra, XDCAM, Ikegami GF, and Canon’s XF format and EOS movie format. It also supports capturing from tape devices such as DV and HDV. Less work. More flow.
: x  C7 W  J( Q
. D9 ?/ y" ]. w* o* CFeaturing unrivaled real-time video transcoding technology, EDIUS converts between HD and SD resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates - all in real time. You can edit in HD and place 4:3 SD video, or mix NTSC and PAL sources, or combine them all into projects in other resolutions and frame rates without wasting a single moment on conversion or rendering.) x8 G  R% \( ^' w3 Z% x. D) D

7 L. S- n  `2 tEDIUS features the revolutionary HQX codec for 10-bit video support. Designed with scalable technology, this innovative codec offers the highest image quality and performance available in any HD editing platform with support for alpha channel. The HQX codec not only provides superior luma and chroma sampling of HD video, but features an adjustable bit rate for increased video quality when capturing and encoding on high-performance systems. By using HQX, you can also export video from other graphic software with alpha channel in 10-bit.
3 W+ E! E' e; Z9 U  F' N' f
8 P, H& p: i. R9 HEDIUS 6 offers more than 100 new features, such as 4K, 2K, and free size project support, advanced timeline workflow improvements, 16 ISO multicam support, new source browser, free shape mask filter, track matte keyer, and AVCHD exporter to name just a few. The editing engine has been tuned for better real-time performance, and the enhanced Proxy Mode opens up exciting possibilities for entirely new editing workflows.
0 k1 a/ m& I# X+ }/ `. R- b- M  \
( a, Z" w( W$ v" R  DKey Features
# }5 f+ J8 L9 h- Work natively with many different video formats, such as Sony’s XDCAM, Panasonic’s P2, Ikegami’s GF, and now Canon’s XF format and EOS movie format
( m  n7 h' l8 \) b" A- Windows 7, XP, and Vista support
' {. E( B5 \1 O& `. m- Fast, flexible user interface, including unlimited video, audio, title, and graphics tracks/ G# {' m6 `" d+ m7 G' {! J- I
- Real-time editing and conversion of different resolutions, as high as 4K/2K resolution to as low as 24x248 W; T& _0 H' i
- Real-time editing and conversion of different frame rates, such as 60p/50p, 60i/50i, and 24p: w$ q! z. @! `. l3 @# g
- Proxy mode workflow by switching timeline between proxy/hi-res mode# a4 w& u% U+ ]! K* y- ]
- Nested timeline sequences& U, U( m! L; `
- GPU-accelerated 3D transitions. D/ l/ H1 n# U) Y8 i$ ~
- Real-time effects, keyers, transitions, and titles
; k. a2 d$ T' ?9 ?0 w' Q8 Y- Multicamera editing of up to 16 different sources simultaneously
5 s! @$ o5 R+ e, o9 ^( S+ p- Direct to Blu-ray Disc and DVD timeline export
! @2 V) ?) Z( [- c% p* A- Export in AVCHD format to a media card8 H+ k" l1 m  R
    - iPod Exporter7 k: h' V& M2 _7 m9 ]
    - PSP Exporter' ~5 |  l4 F1 a$ [0 Z# o+ ?3 C. I
    - 50p/60p export
' z& o1 N: ]/ |; ]4 K9 N    - Accelerated when using Intel
' w' T1 a3 O: Q/ I4 C# g0 [. \- High-value software bundle includes filters, effects, image stabilization, and VST audio plug-ins
; m/ O- A( G! V8 J- U- New K2 EDIUS Connect option. y! x0 l% z  K9 s9 q
- New EDIUS Simul Capture option
0 X& T9 }4 c7 y$ Z- Additional hardware support for EDIUS NX/SP series and EDIUS HD: V$ `- L# R- k! U% S& R- ?) g" l

1 W7 {/ n3 S8 E* v. G( K* k8 u* d4 kNew Features in EDIUS 6 include:
  H& g% f% p2 T- 10-bit editing support9 W; s! U1 W/ v1 |3 q. T1 z
- 2K/4K resolution support( f6 }* e# W2 [1 m
- Free-shape mask filter% x% F7 L8 H/ V+ L" f
- 16 camera multicam editing3 L' ]( ~. {9 l: m$ [
- Proxy mode workflow
9 f( w1 J+ |0 E  J" I+ Q7 q4 D- Canon XF format and EOS movie format support/ a. b& V, ~8 W) o1 ^/ {' z
- Exporting in AVCHD format to a media card8 [: I6 }0 c- ~* R+ [8 U: }

( y( }8 _& v7 H0 k2 p+ A+ g, y( UEDIUS 6 has over 100 new features and improvements, over 60 of which are grouped by category. Don't forget that many of these filters and effects are real time, which is why EDIUS is considered by many to be the fastest way to edit.
. f  ]; |; i( W9 P2 pAll New Features: e& g# x4 H3 D* c- z: m$ @
$ ^& T( t' J* S! @
Changes in Version 6.00 ( Release: 9/3/2010)
# m: s4 f7 @4 i* oFirst release.
3 R: p1 R4 m% Q7 O6 T1 B3 {9 ^0 `1 k' j0 ]  B
Changes in Version 6.01 ( Release: 10/8/2010)
: ]% O4 Q7 V, r  j+ l[Fixed issues]$ Y2 ^- ?& [. {9 @
Fixed issue of loading clip created with EDIUS.
0 }* }9 [- H9 u/ [$ c; w9 `0 O4 WFixed issue of partial transfer.
) W% A! u) o4 }8 |Fixed issue of EDIUS not responding when opening chrominance setting dialog while playing clip to which multiple chrominances are applied.9 i0 R. ^* F  O
Fixed issue of EDIUS being crashed when AAF output is performed in certain clips.
: i1 u# C, y7 V0 Y7 M2 C0 T) JFixed issue of VA track not working with V track when strip trim is performed.& U% K5 p* p% l  c( q( ~' H) W, J
Fixed issue of EDIUS being crashed when MPEG2 clip is partially transferred again while performing partial transfer.# {- I" `, Z$ u) J; ]% }- a5 D9 ], n
Fixed issue of P2 clip not being transferred.9 Y# z3 g, ], @8 y# T/ w
Fixed issue of EDIUS being crashed when using dissolve in progressive project.$ C  C8 S6 l1 D# ~/ \
Fixed issue of audio of clip not being played properly when the clip is shot with some cameras.
: Q* E# f( L1 ?$ a6 F6 E; jFixed issue of exported P2 Clip not being played in Avid MediaComposer.. a$ j$ F! A8 h; A& \
' K0 U8 ?; X9 C
Changes in Version 6.02 ( Release: 1/14/2011)
  l; n# |! E) u% b[New Features]) _3 U. q9 j* N, X5 E5 J- b* N
Added support for loading MXF file on SxS card which was recorded by SONY PMW-500.
5 I! X, f5 O+ s- F5 K/ u2 mAdded support for playlist which was output to FTP/HDD(USB) using PLAY LIST EXPORT of AJ-HPM200.
1 a" Y/ @* k" X! F; rAdded support for timecode acquisition from Picture timing SEI.
; E  I1 S% m# T# k( IAdded support for H.264 hardware encoding utilizing Intel GPU.
7 h( j$ d' C* |6 \2 x/ g- J0 w# z1 L! i1 _; M# B7 j
[Fixed issues]# N) k: `  G+ U' h  z- R# V  `/ L" ~
Fixed issue with FA round Gothic TV-b font being crashed in QuickTitler.
1 g9 R" L" P1 D+ y% [1 p. \9 XFixed issue with end timecode of clip thumbnail on source browser displayed being off by one frame.% c. P+ {  J; `! @4 ~
Fixed issue with transition between clips being cancelled when performing trim operation with Alt + N/M on timeline.
7 {1 T8 I. ^* Y2 UFixed issue with being unable to play back specific MP4 file properly.( Q% q% s8 M* u8 V. k- j0 j
Fixed issue with distorted video when playing back movie in H.264 60p which was shot by Panasonic TM750.
! r4 O5 j" }% R; R0 m0 T& P) C# M- oFixed issue with crash of EDIUS when specific operation is performed while editing shape with mask filter.
. ~: p' n& \7 P7 pFixes issue with being unablel to import specific effect preset file created with EDIUS Pro 5.
7 E' ]1 g  S' Z, s2 @0 I3 z9 l) bFixed issue with crash of EDIUS by mouse wheel operations when playing back still image on player.4 o% R: @" J( a3 T
Fixed issue with clip on timeline not being grouped.2 o/ ^! `% J( B( Y+ G
Fixed issue with distorted video in the disc created by Disc Burner.
4 D) z5 j; [% T9 i" E0 d* {& iFixed issue with being unable to play HQ/HQX file in Windows Media Player when OS is Windows vista 64bit.6 p  Z& a3 e5 ]& J/ B
Fixed issue with being unable to change IRE of DV hardware settings to 7.5 in HD project.
& L, S0 r6 o4 R+ k8 x9 jFixed issue with crash of EDIUS when thumbnail shows specific XDCAM clip on source browser.
- N' p1 f+ o/ N0 _  Z5 E8 pFixed issue with effect not being reflected when altering the settings of 3DPinP* J9 K" u$ ^8 U, s% ?
Fixed issue with backgournd video of motion menu not being displayed on DiscBurner., N0 T6 h# j& q# V
Fixed issue with created DVD chapter menu not being displayed properly if style without thumbnail is selected when creating DVD by Disc Burner., H. w% ]% v* m6 T  w0 Q
Fixed issue with thumbnail and/or cursor not being displayed properly when creating BD with menu by Disc Burner." B' C( F. H$ Q
Fixed issue with error depending on chapter and In/Out position when creating DVD using Disc Burner.
2 p. q4 {' m# J( CFixed issue with not recceiving sound of DVD menu which was created when video with audio was specified for motion menu to create DVD using Disc Burner.
: ]4 p$ m1 b% I8 S! CFixed issue with distorted video when converting it in alpha matte.7 A" Z+ L5 s6 {9 p) H, d- P
Fixed issue with crash of EDIUS when file is output after installing Sorenson Squeeze 6.5.8 x- d$ S4 [9 D
Fixed issue with noise being displayed when applying layouter and mixer track to specific still image file.
  A1 g9 @  y+ P9 u5 bFixed issue with crash of EDIUS when clip applied to a specific mask filter is scrubbed on timeline.
) _/ G+ m! M8 K" lFixed issue with being unable to load specific PSD file properly.+ h8 c3 w7 K8 P
Fixed issue with being unable to play back Canopus HQ clip captured by EDIUS Pro in Windows Media player on the environment where EDIUS is installed.
  Y( T7 d, H. pFixed issue with crash of EDIUS when placing P2 AVCIntra clip on timeline and exporting it in P2 DVCPROHD format.! |8 ~6 B, V6 D1 i3 l
Fixed issue with being unable to transfer animation created by TitleMotionPro.( n# N6 j' a6 r8 h% n, n' c" U
Fixed issue with unused file not being deleted when executing Consolidate.
3 U; t- e: @. s- }, y5 ~Fixed issue with error message not being shown even if failing to perform file delete from context menu against clip registered in Bin.
3 Y0 ^( @5 y# H/ VFixed issue with crash of EDIUS when playing back sequence clip after applying speed-change of time effect to the sequence clip.) I- s# A4 t* Q/ a7 Q" Y! l* N" N" P
Fixed issue with crash of EDIUS when appplying time remap to sequence clip.
* S' V- ^. c+ U1 @2 ZFixed issue with [Pinning/Line/Bezier] in context menu of key frame not working.
7 a4 y4 q6 O# N- F+ }1 J( zFixed localizing display in multilingual environment." T( f/ v! [8 `. A
2 e9 q2 B; n* ^; |8 S5 l
Changes in Version 6.03 ( Release: 6/10/2011)- `  w9 T3 A, o6 E/ A! g
[New Features]& X, a% E8 {" C, V& r% c
Added support for SONY 60p/50p AVC file import through Source Browser.  Q- g' D. }3 b
Added support for JVC 60p/50p AVC file import through Source Browser.
1 H5 Z3 H- S) \  b! z9 WAdded support for H.264/AVC(MP4) file export. (Added support for Intel 2nd Generation Core Processors)." B+ O* m8 ^9 _8 e% i
Added support for EDIUS Simul Capture Option. (Paid option)+ T9 F! h& G, o. N8 j
Added support for K2 EDIUS Connect Option. (Paid option)
. z4 ^* A3 ^0 f& Q! e! y+ @; V6 L9 U7 v; j+ h

8 W+ |1 N0 m6 U1 p[Fixed issues]
7 _. N8 q0 s/ s. V7 xFixed issue with freeze of EDIUS when operating shuttle quickly in VTR emulation mode.
6 C5 `$ E$ c9 g  ~$ YFixed issue with dashed outline not being displayed when selecting multiple character frames by dragging in QuickTitler." Y+ e$ B* l+ |1 Z( w: x* c2 }
Fixed issue with QuickTitler not starting from the timeline menu after selecting an audio clip in the Bin window.
( F9 ]" I2 p0 D, y6 VFixed issue with switching point not snapping to the timeline cursor in multi-cam mode even if moving the switch point with mouse.
- j- m: p5 T! P$ X7 |0 J8 ~Fixed issue with the timeline cursor moving one more frame after pressing stop during timeline playback.
2 B3 \- t. C% E- n4 `Fixed issue with being unable to open tape-out dialog even if the project settings matches the device preset settings.
, G1 @! V* l1 q# }: B2 |1 RFixed issue with being unable to set the voice to monaural of Linear PCM when making DVD.% V: C* x( O* J7 p3 R/ Y
Fixed issue with timecode not being displayed properly when placing clip of which In/Out is specified in PLR mode.
8 U4 h8 {& n& K* E& f4 {Fixed issue of aspect ratio and resolution of certain QuickTime files (.mov files) not being recognized correctly.
; v/ P1 Y, J# I6 B* J' Y' rFixed issue with being unable to import Raylight DVDProHD 720p50 files made with FCP to EDIUS.& `7 J" u% a/ S
Fixed issue with the cutting point of the selection track not being selected when switching to trim mode.
6 }! m' t7 |0 S5 {2 s( vFixed issue with default transition not being applied to the clip on the selection track when link/group has been temporarily released.: G7 u; b. H( o  D
Fixed issue with the buttons at the bottom of the window not being displayed when switching to the trim mode in a certain environment.
  I+ {0 r2 v6 g' D! C* v% a9 {Fixed issue with the insertion point of the marker being moved back one frame when specifying to insert marker during DV/HDV capture.4 I' D# Y! G6 X. Y- ^
Fixed issue with setting of the character spacing with the character unit not working correctly when modifying title once created.9 g/ Q& e+ y& o; o% y3 j4 T
Fixed issue with slow startup of EDIUS when using network profile.
# ^0 M$ m4 ^9 G$ V/ O2 m! B$ DFixed issue with poor Thumbnail image quality of the menu of the DVD created.# U- C) R5 f1 @" ~9 M
Fixed issue with image files except for .psd/.png files not being displayed on profile icon selection screen., Q& W2 i- l9 A# u" \  j- `
Fixed issue with collapsing still image when still picture is made with Ctr+T in 10bit project.; g2 y. F4 f5 D' L* r, }
Fixed issue with the stop position of the timeline cursor being incorrect after dragging the cursor off the timeline window to stop the timeline.
0 `2 u2 Z( k/ ^/ w9 \7 dFixed issue with overscan size setting being disregarded during output to tape.  y6 O( L- |2 y1 t( l3 H" y
Fixed issue with playback performance when using the audio mixer in learning mode if the bin window is viewed.3 J* x- J. a/ g0 p; }! m
Fixed issue with being unable to burn DVD/BD by user limitation.
( t" D8 k9 b1 \% ?* J/ X, q) @Fixed issue with focus not moving to the transition when transition is applied by keyboard short-cut.
5 e& o, V- ~4 U4 o4 YFixed issue with focus not being updated while operating jog controller when focus is on recorder side.
8 l; R/ l  b! F" R6 _$ tFixed issue with still image being displayed in gray when specifying the still image as thumbnail in chapter menu.& u4 E1 f' [3 E! n+ A
Fixed issue with jittery when playing back certain MPEG files in EDIUS., L! a$ ]9 t  L% n
Fixed issue with the setting for duration of the title mixer not being memorized after changing the duration.
( r6 T1 f6 h6 Q0 ZFixed issue with slow start of proxy download when registering clip from PDW-U1 to Bin.0 t, x% T' e! I" \6 k7 O
Fixed issue with being able to trim clip of the track locked.; m! p' L- B$ E) P* g4 g+ Y
Fixed issue with title clip not being copied in project consolidate.8 R1 A* X+ s7 P; M) V) L
Fixed issue with specified In-point frame not being displayed when capturing in thumbnail in Bin clip display.
% O- C' m/ E6 X; w& IFixed issue with EDIUS displaying error when specific title file is opened if image file used in certain QuickTitler is offline./ e8 h' s3 P& f
Fixed issue with display status after import being varied depending on how the project file is imported., a( l1 E1 O% o$ J# K, C( d
Improved the settings for "output between In/Out" of the export so that it can be memorized.$ ~& X) T" \  K8 }  x: }
Fixed issue with not being able to add transition using shortcut key (CTRL-P).
) {( E8 A, }$ P% }7 E# A) |Fixed issue with writing to BD with DiscBurner while contents of BD are opened by explorer being failed." m" K5 g4 M7 K0 h* P
Fixed issue of Up and Left key not working by the slider control of 3wayColorCorrection setting window.
' g& E" K# c. Y3 o  s. [" DFixed issue with safe color not being saved in "Color wheel" effect.
% K2 R$ M# f" Z( uFixed issue with the settings being changed when specifying the target color range of 3way ColorCorrection (White balance).5 V0 n" A$ t. P8 V/ D( V, C; w
Fixed issue with being unable to move slider to the correct position during playback in player.6 a! V2 x% `7 r
Improved the speed to save project files.
# }) x# c2 J* X* O; g1 s. jFixed issue with material forwarded from Audio CD to Bin being identified as "Video Clip" on Bin.
0 d/ [0 f+ M3 {Fixed issue with unexpected Context Menu which appears even if right-click in the blank area in the profile selection part in the project selection window." @) S! Q$ O$ F2 Z- {6 ?7 l
Fixed issue with TitleMixer effect nor working properly when the title is resized after changing SD to HD in the project automatically.
3 d7 L8 `, |2 h+ BFixed issue with folder name being disappeared when entering existing folder name + one character for project name on Create New Project screen.% q& x" C/ Z! m1 Y2 z, j6 G% \
Fixed issue with Duration becoming "--:--:--;--" after restart if the transition preset is created with the Duration 1 second or less in German, French, or Spanish environment.5 {5 p, M! l9 A& R! t3 \
Fixed issue with MP4 files recorded by SANYO Xacti VPC-FH1 not being decoded correctly.* k  I* s( i2 i5 t9 g
Fixed issue with being unable to type "," when entering decimal values in a language OS environement in which comma, "," is used as a decimal point.
+ V* m; t  i5 V0 |( G6 C* |Improved time required to open a project that has a large amount of XDCAM EX clips in Bin.. x! L, [6 d1 E- ^
Fixed issue with VSC/WFM not being displayed properly on master screen during the playback in multicam mode.  h7 F4 I& A1 v, z
Fixed issue with crash of EDIUS 6.02 when pressing [CTRL] + [Shift] + click on rubberband.
# _9 M, f5 C, |+ g' Q* ?7 WFixed issue with being unable to filter .m2ts file properly in the file restoration dialog from Bin of a German version.4 Z$ b5 g7 {5 G3 A% @
Fixed issue with timing of autosave during file output (Autosave is now performed at file output).
$ G& r# z6 i. T& S6 b) J4 z0 h: J0 wFixed issue with penetration part being lightened when the GPUfix ripple is applied between tracks of alpha material.
( d2 n) [+ D, y, t# \, x/ IFixed issue with combing noise being appeared in the movie when converting interlace project to progressive during export conversion.
% o8 X+ C+ z) r4 ~Fixed issue with being unable to maintain advanced settings of exporter when being saved as preset.# l: T; i0 b) y! I; A% W, R
Improved color matte so that the color of color matte can be specified while importing Final Cut Pro XML file.
5 ~  {& `: T8 \7 {+ q  U! V. V8 K% ?
Changes in Version 6.04 ( Release: 7/22/2011)
) `; U' P7 z4 D2 ]/ W8 |- B0 v[Fixed issues]1 U+ P8 \! {9 u
Fixed issue with material in P2 DVCPro which has been captured with FinalCutPro not being able to be loaded properly by EDIUS.
  _5 J+ a" @6 A- n" n; N: s1 FFixed issue with crash of DiscBurner while creating disk with DiscBurner.' ~9 W" [4 N7 ?4 e* X& _; G9 O
Fixed issue with color not being displayed correctly when importing ProRes file.
$ T: q  \8 s4 qFixed issue with a certain ProRess file being squeezed and displayed after loading it.6 d# D1 w, s! u2 u% E+ {
Fixed issue with a certain MOV file in DVCPRO format not being able to be imported into EDIUS.! M( a6 ]0 v3 _0 s2 K; o3 {: T
Fixed issue with response being decreased when transfering clip in P2 card from source blowser to Bin on background.# J4 Y( F% T* }9 W' @8 d
Fixed issue with PosterFrame displayed in Bin being changed when In Point is changed from Player.
# T5 f# J) ^4 g$ X( P, VFixed issue with taking a long time to load a certain project file.& C8 d2 m% U& Y9 n5 o3 t# C& m
Fixed issue with freeze when a lot of HQ clips are placed on timeline and waveform cache is displayed.1 ]( D1 ?- m9 j
Fixed issue with localized representation in multilingual environment.
- q" Y" O9 ^* ?" U# `# v/ J+ n3 aFixed issue with pulldown information not being written into AVI file.4 E! @0 ~% g# Q  {$ h" g: r6 y
Fixed issue with pulldown information not being configured in a certain project.
# a4 @# k/ N; `6 zFixed issue with pulldown information not being written when capturing it to MXF." z$ }& o( v9 w6 g( ?
Fixed issue with driver not being uninstalled when uninstalling EDIUS.$ L7 ~) D* S, D" M. v
Added support for pulldown format in proxy file.
) a1 R( E* S. T2 {% c9 q. T+ eFixed issue with valid capture margin not being set when timeline cursor of in/out point that has been specified when capturing tape and FD/NFD of tape are different.3 P$ E4 ~% p2 p5 g: @; l
Fixed issue with material of 23.98 over 59.94 not being loaded properly when loading the material into a project of 23.98p.+ G% b6 ]! X! b
Fixed issue with drop shadow not being displayed correctly when still file is dropped from Explorer.+ p# S! ~5 j! a2 \# e/ S' H/ Q
Fixed issue with still image not being able to put it before timeline cursor when dropping the still file from Explorer.
' z  o& O: g& R' U4 I9 S5 O+ YFixed issue with freeze when playing after using mask filter to add edge to keyframes.
8 p+ [! r$ b0 l0 S6 ^1 BFixed issue with timeline playback being stopped when background transfer is completed.
- g, R+ a0 d& z/ K! d" HFixed issue with PAN settings being changed to default by UNDO when audio clip on timeline is set to monaural.# q$ V9 a$ b9 I! X. @8 S1 p
Fixed issue with high-resolution being displayed as off-line clip in Bin when only high-resolution is imported from XDCAM./ X  @9 E; ?# Z; V% C
Fixed issue with crash when replacing the existing transition with SMPTE Enhanced Wipe transition on information palette.1 k8 D9 ]! b/ J9 T9 C, A1 D
Fixed issue with not being able to create proxy when AVI file which contains pulldown information of a certain material of 23.98p over 59.94 is loaded by a project of 23.98p.
2 f  r/ f/ J9 K0 N; `1 X5 A. e9 Q' T! L4 _5 k2 K2 v% |
Changes in Version 6.05 ( Release: 8/5/2011)
. t! d- k/ z$ r" S[Fixed issues]. D# _1 W* m$ F
Fixed issue with time code not being recognized at T2 when a certain HQ/HQX file is exported to T2 via FTP.
3 Y; Q8 X9 `+ N" E! V/ J, PChanged default mode for Key-frame of file setting dialog from Bezier to Line.6 F0 }8 r/ O' ^9 _- N6 ]  f
Fixed issue with a certain MSDV file not being able to be played in Windows Media Player when it is converted into Canopus DV codec.& l( G6 R& s2 R6 B4 T8 w1 h
Fixed issue with some of the shape being missed when moving a certain form of shape with Mask Filter.
% D$ ]8 r( e: i# f% F$ uFixed issue with H.264 file exported by MEDIAEDGE/HDMA-4000 preset not being able to be played in HDMA-4000.
+ Z) D) B- }/ a+ ^8 ]: T7 l3 yFixed issue with clip being offline when a project is being trimmed and consolidated after checking out the project with trim option.  ]; j1 e3 A' \% B4 |
Fixed issue with right-click menu not being displayed when dragging and dropping audio file from Explorer to timeline.
8 p, h! N! |. _& z+ \: S# O0 ~! }Fixed issue with offline clip not being able to be restored when choosing "Only timeline" as transport target for option while checking out Transport and Edit./ K$ [2 D. P: m$ \  s' v
Updated USB-Serial driver bundled with a disc to the latest version.
, V0 ]& U% i, g: u5 i7 T1 sFixed issue of a partially transferred clip not being imported into a project folder when checking in the clip that has been added to checked-out project and partially transferred.
$ l" `& J1 S2 m; ]) X) K( h9 WFixed issue with feedback image of clip that is being dragged not being output when there is no audio track on timeline.
' _% [* _9 z9 G# ?- CFixed issue with noise being generated when using QuickTitler and the value of z-axis of light source for emboss to a certain shape is set to positive value.( [6 j& ]& P, e& l8 f
Fixed issue with audio not being output properly when recording voice-over from HD-SDI.
/ \6 w  q7 [) k# C8 E1 Y+ S1 [Fixed issue with ticker of TitleMotionPro becoming the same operation when putting Slide A and Slide B respectively on the ticker.2 v7 a# x- O8 J. q& \
Fixed issue with the setting of the PinP not being preserved in the user preset.' q) o6 f* T. w  J
Fixed issue with current time code not being able to be selected when mounting clip that is being edited simultaneously on player window.1 T! q8 S0 c8 Y. W- C' d
Fixed issue with voice-over which uses input from STORM 3G not being output properly.
8 u8 l/ L& A0 ^$ ~5 ?2 U1 n# e# Y8 Q- HFixed issue with not being able to quit EDIUS properly when creating wave form cache and then attempting to quit EDIUS.
; c8 e9 u9 H5 g5 }, B$ G
: G0 E) w. G$ ?( _0 ^0 L+ z+ f# AChanges in Version 6.06 ( Release: 11/22/2011), w+ g! }. W2 f( y: [7 G
[Fixed issues]
( v! B8 g7 n% ^! fImproved feature so that waveform cache can be created even for material included in ReadOnly disc such as CD/ DVD.  P$ P  u1 C  \
Improved feature so that ON/OFF to generate waveform cache can be selected when registering clip.
% f8 M! W8 O# s8 nImproved feature to create waveform cache so that waveform cache of clip existed on removable media and network drive can be created in project folder.
  e9 H4 ~/ Q. u4 G: FSupported XDCAM Station.8 r- h2 J& w4 L# g9 p" H8 x, E
Fixed issue with EDIUS being crashed while displaying waveform cache.7 |, G3 [# k2 W  w# K, f6 x( q( v
Fixed issue with being unable to write back clip to SxS cards formatted by camera which supports XDCAM EX v1.28." g9 @2 B2 p2 i
Fixed issue with being unable to read specific MP3 file.* p! I, R2 x# E* Q
Fixed issue with being unable to partially transfer HQ MXF clip.
- @' z; w( b' d! X/ r) p' @Fixed issue with only the last clip being restored when restoring multiple offline clips by capture.
2 ~5 l* H; n. L  K$ u9 Z8 x+ m, |1 |# MFixed issue with EDIUS being terminated by normalization during playback of the clip with multiple audio channels.( E* [1 i5 d5 l+ J- ]8 D+ i# k/ @
Fixed issue with being unable to properly save parameter which has been configured in PartialTransfer Page of User Setting Dialog.9 r8 }7 s2 a6 x: E% I2 |
Fixed issue with EDIUS being crashed by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + F while selecting multiple clips with multiple video filters.
- _1 w. \6 P* K( q  k6 T& i! _- dFixed issue with information of captured audio wave file being sometimes incorrect.% L/ A7 h5 d. @& A5 H
Fixed issue with EDIUS being crashed when downloading XDCAM HiRes file from SourceBrowser.5 @& C' |7 p* c3 u5 z" ^/ X" o
Fixed issue with start timecode of timeline sequence not being properly displayed when reading K2 List with DropFrame timecode or Program.1 h7 `7 @. \5 o" A& E
Fixed issue with EDIUS being freezed when capturing XDCAM or HDCAM connected with STORM 3G Elite via HDSDi.
- e3 ]3 X6 b" O% n% E4 tFixed issue with unintentional error message being appeared when a file which has been injested by EDIUS is divided into 3 or more files.
4 P. J, q) w# @+ w9 PFixed issue with waveform cache being re-created when reloading project after waveform cache of Proxy was created in a project which has HiRes and proxy format.# N" F) t  E! k' j7 _3 P1 t, R
Fixed issue with a dialog to prompt file save being displayed whenever offline clip is registered in a project.
  ]: T0 P. e6 f. u0 C/ eFixed localizing display in multilingual environment.(Traditional Chinese)
) A8 [, q+ d* g5 a% n" ^' p" l+ M8 |, H6 ]
Changes in Version 6.07 ( Release: 02/24/2012)
; N" e/ s# h  n" X4 C& n) Q[Fixed issues]
+ T7 ^/ ~/ x! A" P5 aFixed issue with sequences disappearing in Bin when consolidating the timeline using "Remove unused clips in Timeline".) n& p, H8 z. B
Fixed issue with switching other applications to EDIUS being slow when a lot of QuickTitler clips are placed in Bin.
5 z: Z9 G% S3 N: GFixed issue with QuickTime 7.7 when exporting files for iPhone and iPod the exported files did not include audio.% `" G3 }2 V/ n$ @! m8 x
Fixed issue with clips being recognized as offline clips when a HDD was formatted and then replaced with same clips.( k' N2 H" F6 V$ z  `9 ~' @
Fixed issue with EDIUS crashing when applying emboss to a title clip.- b9 S- W; Y% S4 `7 u6 R
Fixed issue with tearing noise appearing when adding transitions to clips with alpha.
% U  j0 v' R& m( D* I/ PFixed issue with importing MXF clips made in Omneon servers.
! M0 k% j, M, p8 P, JFixed issue with HiRes clip with corresponding P2 proxy not being transferred from Bin.
: _2 F" d4 c- P; s# MFixed issue with EDIUS crashes when adding mask filters before the layouter in a 10bit project.
5 E. Z* l) n. sFixed issue with blending frame being output in a frame base (progressive) project with progressive clips and applying slow motion.! u( {  b: c2 [9 n' s; R4 O4 f
6 Z$ p1 Q, @8 ?- t: Y% N

8 s! \, e5 M+ [Changes in Version 6.08 ( Release: 09/10/2012)
% S! u, w( e" a' T2 [" |[Fixed issues]8 ~/ U/ J0 i' N. T
Fixed issue with selected video is still output while scrubbing even if "Show only the Selected Camera in Single Monitor Mode" setting and scrubbed on timline clip.8 ]( W1 n. r4 s' h, b0 K
Fixed issue with encoding stopped if PCM audio is chosen for DVD burning.
. |' G  @: _8 t3 d. SFixed issue with cannot export project to EDL if the project contains Broadcast wave format audio.4 h- J( x3 W' Z  U
Fixed issue with EDIUS crashes when playing certain H.264 files.) j$ p; ]0 Y/ ^  T+ B. y0 n# U
Fixed issue with MXF export freezed or delayed.% @3 A2 [7 T# w2 {5 C* a5 d1 n! Z
Fixed issue with certain BD player cannot a BD burned by the Disc Burner.
% T+ i- ^- i3 JFixed issue with block noise appears while playing certain AVCHD files.' B* n* w6 }: X/ s8 A  ~
Fixed issue with black frame sometimes appears while playing certain H.264 files.$ x$ N4 b- s, ]- C2 B. z
Fixed issue with P2 file exported from EDIUS cannot be loaded into Avid Media Composer 6.0.1.
& y# O( m% g0 ?8 A7 `' F0 Z5 fFixed issue with multi-cam mode unexpectedly cancelled if a clip in time-shift edit is on player windows and updated.; ?6 Q" U9 u3 S; t6 \

/ I( p" n* }& @5 I. F5 wMinimum System Requirements:/ q: Q( C# H9 r' P
Operating System: Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Vista (SP2 or later, 32-bit or 64-bit), XP (SP3 or later, 32-bit)! @' i/ m) P: n+ u& j8 Z6 i
CPU: Any Intel Core 2 or Core iX CPU. Intel or AMD single core CPU with a 3 GHz processor speed or faster (multiple CPUs and/or multi-core CPUs are recommended). SSE2 and SSE3 instruction set supported.: J  z$ v9 D) M: F% X9 {
Memory: 1 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended), d3 Y  I& a1 k  S
Hard Disk:
0 N5 I8 r0 ^0 P8 e* e- 6 GB of hard disk space is required for installation (including third-party software)
  K* Y7 e, g7 K% B; V: M- Drive with ATA100/7,200 RPM or faster is necessary for video storage.Graphics Card: A graphics card supporting higher resolution than 1024x768 (32-bit), Direct3D 9.0c or later, and PixelShader Model 3.0 or later is required" M; o, _9 ~) C
- For SD editing: 256 MB or larger required, 512 MB or larger recommended
$ y. k! P, \. D/ p) A" l$ M# a- For HD editing: 512 MB or larger required, 1 GB or larger recommended
3 l* l* \' C2 }2 b3 n+ {Sound Card: A sound card with WDM driver support is required9 o3 c9 t) F, R: G$ Q
DVD-ROM Drive: Blu-ray Disc writer, DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW drive is required when creating Blu-ray Discs or DVDs
( d$ F4 {2 c" T! t! hNote: External video decks/cameras may require either a free FireWire (IEEE 1394) port or USB 2.0 port for connectivity.
9 Y8 ?" b2 `& E% R( d/ s3 w+ F/ @2 O% |6 i; k6 M

) o8 m$ ^  I% N, Q7 d3 W4 Q+ D
: Y6 ]7 i* m7 e! e3 mDownload:4 v3 E8 Q+ z; y& H( t( ~
! m  z  D' k7 G! v; J& ?* }
/ N# `/ Z# Z0 F& c3 w2 K6 I2 o

. H3 p. D+ T. f官方地址:& _1 k  |5 p) x- S) u: L; g
Grass Valley Canpous Edius V6.08 正式版
0 y0 V2 |8 \& q
* Y/ E0 S! F' R
% {* L. C7 N% u8 v, F  m4 F( p  ]Grass Valley Canpous Edius V6.08 升级文件
# b) A4 Q& H  {: U) o3 V
% z% h7 P) e1 k# ]% V% y8 Y* z  L: z
Grass Valley Canpous Edius V6.0正式版6 g& X2 v% Q. J) r: |9 h
5 O" c% W, |$ p- ]4 b4 Y: V0 `# g+ L( A* R' ~7 ^
Grass Valley Canpous Edius V6.07 升级文件
! M" k9 T7 w3 _( p* H' t7 Pftp://
/ a9 h. r! n0 o2 t: V7 D' n i% b" Y% Z3 J# `# F" |$ M2 z
) s: Z' l5 L+ S/ @' [; p
Grass Valley Canpous Edius V6.06 升级文件1 j2 t, ]% O& ]4 s$ Q# p i- r( P3 {& V  q
/ c/ l0 y" [1 Y; ^; d4 m7 t A4 N; Q# M$ |, _% ]  c9 @- E

% d1 W% b) a# D- ]# W* N4 C$ h( hGrass Valley Canpous Edius V6.05 升级文件
9 U, c" M% @0 A% I" t8 |% C5 eftp://, o, |5 j! H# S8 f+ z6 \
1 B2 l! y: N0 ?/ C: B& E2 k
Grass Valley Canpous Edius V6.03 升级文件/ W# T( g, j/ N9 f+ z
4 F% i2 u- u+ W  Z1 U* B2 O  w* _0 E2 a' o4 [4 @: Q, q
; m# E; W/ V. X# n* `
Grass Valley Canpous Edius V6.02 升级文件& U" a; o; @- M/ p$ p  N
  E/ s) \& A% F9 J: m


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