Grass Valley Canopus EDIUS Pro V4.60 康能普视非编视频剪辑软件

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Program Name: Grass Valley Canopus EDIUS Pro V4.60) Q4 Q) I6 A& K
Program Type: Video Editing
$ H" J9 W& T3 I8 A3 V: k0 zDeveloper: Canopus
2 ]+ X9 I, B4 I2 u0 p+ L! HHomepage: L5 [" k. n8 G- _& Y; z. _
Release Date: 4.02.2008
, Y* c  w% e  r$ w# xInterface Language: Multilingual + Русификатор
4 ?! u6 D8 B  h; g7 U6 FPlatform: Windows XP Home or Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2 or later)
) K! }) I. Y  u! h! |" J8 i# ]5 a/ V
Grass Valley EDIUS Broadcast is designed to meet the requirements of higher-end broadcast and post-production environments, including support for newer, non-tape forms of video recording and storage.
' P6 ]8 g5 Z  [# d% d  P6 M; g& v9 c
Incorporating all of the realtime editing capabilities and features included with" n& @4 Q8 H/ \- U5 o3 V3 O3 Q
Grass Valley EDIUS Pro NLE software, EDIUS Broadcast also provides additional support for industry-standard equipment and formats:& ]! T6 T2 Z4 w4 o# M: D

1 D# @( y5 r# p& j# t2 `- Grass Valley™ Infinity™ JPEG 2000
8 T- T: h) _5 ]6 P0 m" {- Panasonic DVCPRO® 50 and DVCPRO HD
. D9 H% [/ p1 z; Y8 v; W- Panasonic DVCPRO P25 e( {4 q# K8 U
- Panasonic AVC-Intra*! [' g$ a& E3 O  r- @% {' Q
- Panasonic VariCam®
. h% ?, V2 r5 C# F$ w7 h- Sony XDCAM®
2 c" I# p# S7 z- Sony XDCAM EX
4 i$ X4 i' G$ Q, r$ N! I2 M2 Z, z8 R3 D' a" J
Supported Hardware:
# N' H; N& J0 r! wIEEE 1394 FireWire controllers; M- `, x% L" k/ Z. u7 d
DVRaptor RT2 Series
* c2 ?& d3 l$ \& Q/ u7 D" iDVStorm Series% J; ?  @. f! a0 Q7 T$ j" Y! O, }
ADVC1394, ACEDVio# I6 \. Z: [9 n( v' @6 w* N
' J; p8 v: d/ l( f# s9 UEDIUS NX Series
( D# R) a6 h* [/ _EDIUS SP Series
* l+ F5 J8 k+ ~. R! h7 VEDIUS RX-E1 (SDI-based hardware)/ T4 M- k$ H2 g  q# a+ I
EDIUS Turnkey Systems
( \, B3 o* p# E
6 O+ h7 N: G& D2 `4 o' `, {$ [$ l( x) {
* Also requires the AVC-Intra plug-in for EDIUS Broadcast, available separately  d+ w* y/ `3 D- H

7 O' W) `& g0 B  ^9 W8 K* nNLE Systems: EDIUS Broadcast Software + Realtime Editing Hardware/ U7 l+ _7 O0 J

  J* S# m" s7 z2 c; dGrass Valley EDIUS SP and Grass Valley EDIUS Edit Stations are NLE systems built around and include EDIUS Broadcast software, in addition to the hardware that characterizes each. EDIUS Broadcast software directly supports OHCI FireWire, providing video input/output. EDIUS Broadcast also supports the Canopus DVStorm series and DVRaptor RT2 series of editing hardware, which offer accelerated realtime DV editing and analog connectivity. 9 {8 [0 s2 c" Q0 _6 M0 S

/ Z  k/ g# z& FGrass Valley EDIUS Broadcast: Key Features7 k/ k, g2 m4 U# m1 a/ s
- Realtime, mixed format HD/SD editing, including DV, HDV, HD, MPEG-2 and uncompressed SD video
+ u. z) \5 ?. u1 }+ w' W, l- Complete support for Infinity JPEG 2000, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO HD, P2, VariCam and XDCAM cameras and decks1 Q* L8 L2 g) @5 s% O. \
- Fast, flexible user interface, including unlimited video, audio, title and graphics tracks
! u& d# V- ^1 `- Realtime editing and conversion of different HD/SD aspect ratios, such as 16:9 and 4:3
) _  R. b3 j. a, Z4 g4 r" c7 J- Realtime editing and conversion of different frame rates, such as 60i, 50i and 24p8 W( R$ q4 R3 y4 {1 |3 [3 Q
- Realtime editing and conversion of different resolutions, such as 1440x1080, 1280x720 and 720x4809 z! O- D. ^# d1 M0 E
- Realtime HD/SD effects, keyers, transitions and titles
) R& k7 O. x$ X% N- Realtime, render-free DV output directly from the timeline3 w* \+ B# f2 w$ ?' ^/ n8 Q' f5 T
- Multicam editing of up to eight different sources simultaneously
8 z3 ~0 @- R3 W- X* V- Nested timeline sequences- L4 }  R* s9 N/ T! Z, M
- High-speed HDV timeline export, built for Dual Core CPU technology7 M/ V: {# ~2 ?. f/ G
- High-quality, multi-format video exporting with ProCoder Express for EDIUS
: G, m+ q8 V: ?# L: d) j1 V- Direct-to-DVD timeline export and authoring
# `! y% V; `# ~$ ]% g* f! K- Inscriber® TitleMotion™ Pro for EDIUS
7 @, i  u% y$ n8 z# B7 L5 _! H0 }: ?# @, r& q. |2 _" F
Version 4.00 ( Release: 6/20/2006)
8 R& G; c+ z& H: [7 s. q  q" a-First release.
2 L8 ]8 x; n+ u& _) \1 _# J+ @- |4 O  U/ J+ k2 r
Version 4.01 ( Release: 7/1/2006)$ @* @+ }; O+ h0 s% C/ T
-[Added Functions]
; Q' S2 |/ h5 y-Supported trimming using the mouse cursor in the trim window preview monitor.7 C6 d  ~- B: b/ R0 h0 I. D
-Added buttons in trim window to select the trim point.
. ~+ P( p; d( M2 C-Added feature to remove the cut point (re-link divided clips).
1 W5 K0 O1 j/ P- {0 G-Added "Display master clip" in the "Edit" menu, to show the original video in the Player window.6 t  z: ^# |( W* p  ~
-Changed the "Play the cursor area" "Play around cut point" command to loop play.# D, k2 Y9 K% m- \4 T$ M
% ]9 v% p; f# L! T! L- Z4 Y
-[Fixed issues]& ?* V4 ~0 P& Z9 \/ r
-Fixed errors when trying to copy a folder inside the bin window.8 V& b, u: l2 y; I3 }6 n9 v
-Fixed errors when trying to open a clip with 0 frame.
/ g+ G  i7 ]2 ~0 u3 S-Fixed errors when trying to select a capture device while capturing on the same device.4 r6 `6 [8 \7 N5 [6 L( |$ Q
-Fixed errors when trying to play around the cut point in multicam mode (HD), when many cut points were set and filters were applied to the clips.# N2 A! p1 O# v) x; D0 }
-Fixed errors when trying to open the layout tool while using the Quick Titler.  \+ z2 c! J, W& X4 G. b& o+ H
-Fixed errors with SpeedEncoder when exporting a HDV1080/29.97p project./ v" u, a, b# s. v1 q
-Fixed errors when scrubbing on certain MPEG2 clips.% J& F- B. ~. c$ v8 q! K7 r' J% M
-Fixed errors when scrubbing/playback of VOB files with non-consistent PTS (time stamp) information.0 p( }* W! F' G; ^, V/ Y
-Fixed errors in Quick Titler when importing certain still image clips.6 Y1 U& v: R8 m* x% a
-Fixed video noise issue in Canopus Lossless Codec, when exporting from other applications via Video for Windows., q/ \5 d' g) w$ C/ N
-Fixed errors when dragging the mouse cursor from T track to VA track." p6 f( A5 K, e; m( a
& [2 {# r2 E! M/ {; q1 |
Version 4.02 ( Release: 7/13/2006); u- I" T6 |- f: N/ l
-Fixed issue with batch select (clip color was wrong).
6 S8 U, `3 x( P" o# l8 g+ y-Fixed issue with multicam (camera cut point not displayed properly).( v$ v; I0 c( U5 V$ U7 |, L  ?* O
-Fixed issue with trim mode (Window layout).8 z: s7 ^. d' p
-Fixed issue with audio trim.
4 q" b. L4 N/ ^3 q/ F- k& Y-Fixed issue when trimming sequence clips with negative speed.
9 N2 w; K. O/ s& |! K1 \" I-Fixed issue with changing speed of sequence clips.
2 `! i, p  X0 _; _9 x4 o-Fixed issue with importing projects made by EDIUS 3 or earlier.
, b8 i$ b  U  x! R7 y) A-Fixed issue with QuickTitler when inputting long text.
! x. B. `/ z3 g. r! J4 R1 S5 m0 D% |% y
Version 4.03 ( Release: 8/1/2006)
! N  f- y. d# }" L% P" T-Fixed issue when trimming title clips.
4 `* F6 O1 N& n/ C1 j- Z7 D3 f-Fixed issue when exporting sequence still images.) F5 z! I$ T7 [7 O7 ^/ s" c4 M" c3 M1 ]  t
-Fixed issue when canceling export of AVI files.6 E9 w0 ^' {9 w0 L$ J' k
-Fixed issue when ungrouping clips.
2 z2 z! z9 t2 s* Z, E. d. k* F-Fixed issue when saving still images from timeline.
) E* x" D7 b0 m8 c9 `-Fixed issue when using OpenType fonts.
4 P9 ~8 {+ N- B* B) g
: \4 `& Q) N, x$ z5 o( Y1 z( jVersion 4.10 ( Release: 10/31/2006)# X8 w7 g* }+ R+ p) ]
-[New Features]1 j3 u( a; A: ]& Q& b1 _8 M
-Inserting a new clip based on the In/Out points
) X5 Y& }- Q# m8 c, E-Capturing audio in 16bit/2ch
+ \6 ]( k- P4 U: q& l-Customizing the default mode for normal edit' R9 b" W1 b- I, P% b4 A
-To add "Pitch Shifter" to the Audio Filters% V# m, ^7 _5 ?6 @
-Specifying the destination folder and the file name before the single capture is executed
  j) k1 p, m7 ~2 i-Proxy editing of XDCAM HD
  h$ h( w) x. \-Background transfer of P2 material with P2 Select
' H2 C/ B/ e) x2 R0 Q-Exporting GXF format! T2 a. l, m- ^; ~  `0 B
( [$ c3 u% a8 ^" d
Version 4.11 ( Release: 11/1/2006)3 i: C2 o4 K: x5 \
-Added support for FireCoder.
/ L& d) R  Q$ w' H- A; }3 x$ b/ _; w7 s# J6 [
Version 4.12 ( Release: 11/24/2006)6 P+ |' d* D( f, G* k9 z  b
-Added support for EDIUS SP-SDI.- i8 _5 [( z5 W! I
, S5 ^  m, r' O  a# w( k8 [9 y
Version 4.13 ( Release: 12/14/2006)
+ m* o6 ?2 b7 l5 h$ ]% A3 M-Fixed export to tape issue when exported after preview (the image was black).0 T9 h- K4 G0 Q
-Fixed capture issue when timecode skipped over 0h (24h)., o" `/ ?/ b  W) t: [! ?2 _
-Fixed issue with partial rendering (rendered unnecessary areas).
$ V7 z* d& x0 Q0 Y+ G9 F3 {& a: d-Fixed issue when creating new project (a new folder was created in wrong directory).
/ _, I: [8 w1 }" x8 G- {# ~-Fixed issue with speed change (field flip occurred).
# _' t4 y0 [7 T' [! K-Fixed issue with 5.1ch dolby audio decoding.
  |% a; h% |% T! d3 P-Fixed issue in formation palette (source timecode info was wrong).9 n. y6 j! Q  f3 r
2 E, L: o5 j5 {) H- y, `  z0 f
Version 4.20 ( Release: 12/18/2006)
0 o. e* D! o/ B6 k2 v-Fixed issue when closing a project with nested sequence clips.6 ^8 I2 X* q6 S' R
-Fixed issue with audio level learning (the audio was heard at the previous level).
- M5 e$ h& K: y# T-Fixed issue with QuickTime Movie clips (the color conversion was not correct)." E/ P; w2 q1 n% D6 A' N& u. t% V
-Added function to show a progress bar during EDL import.& F7 ^$ ^0 J: }) u" ^
-Added function to the exporter to sort and search.
8 }/ b; L5 e# ?6 o& n+ |+ Y' ]. }9 y* d* ?! O% D
Version 4.21 ( Release: 1/19/2007)
5 \, z/ c$ G8 o- O( G7 r& @" y-Fixed issues when trimming transitions using the mouse (operation was slow).4 K: S( w* ]2 i1 P, t, _
-Fixed problem when capturing (when in/out point was set to pass over 0 hour, the capture button did not work).; q* l+ g# [2 k  L
-Fixed issue when editing (the video and audio went out of sync).
# T. F% N$ R0 U( z: u  g-Fixed issue when importing EDLs to a 24p project.
3 S0 p' B- i4 N8 O% o' ?-Fixed issue when handling P2 clips (audio waveform did not show properly).  _  j! N- j2 Z3 Q0 P

& K4 k8 F7 V) o6 AVersion 4.22 ( Release: 2/14/2007) (Japan only)
2 H% U% O! q7 \* x% h-Fixed crash issues when using the color selection palette.% S8 E+ Y* B1 z1 }
-Fixed issues when consolidating projects.* R  ?+ }! c. _' |7 ^  j
-Fixed crash issues when changing settings with Xplode transitions.
2 I/ P. C# {5 n0 r' X+ n3 _7 r; Y-Fixed color table errors when saving still images in HD resolution.
0 [' J+ q- O+ a! D$ {1 i, ?: Z-Fixed issue when setting values (the keyboard arrow keys did not work).
9 g* W3 l; V! r+ e+ [' g7 ?4 T# U0 x, X2 @: z
Version 4.23 ( Release: 3/14/2007) (Internal)$ P! K& h3 C( M& G' c2 ?0 @0 N
-Fixed issue with voice over recording (could not control volume) when the audio device did not support mux input./ q5 f9 E- z9 X  }, z/ x! L8 `
-Fixed issue with timeline playback (could not adjust volume rubber band during playback).( K& G. Y" r* j6 _) i. m: `
-Fixed issue with audio mixer (sometimes crashed when adjusting volume rubber band in learning mode).! h, Z' I0 h1 T6 L  p( {
-Fixed memory usage issue with white balance filter.9 V: p" E6 O2 s2 i' x  T
-Fixed issue with MPEG capture (sometimes crashed at startup).
3 O# B- G1 l2 W$ k# {-Fixed issue with video filter (when combination filters were used, EDIUS crashed when tried to change project settings).
1 X4 }- `1 I0 E( a* G" n-Fixed issue with proxy clips (sometimes crashed when time remap was applied).  N# B' Q! h  T0 p  x
-Fixed crash issue when context menu of time scale control was opened.1 e: a9 o" W: I1 Q  h$ e3 X  D
-Fixed issue with trim mode (timecode did not show properly).
- G) e5 w  I/ W+ Q3 x- A! q, A8 K& [/ e5 z. t/ r+ P
Version 4.24 ( Release: 4/6/2007) (Worldwide)
) M( L: J5 C: a% ]-Fixed issue with saving project when a sequence clip is in the player.) O+ a5 m' v5 x3 H& p
-Fixed issue with crashes when consolidating a project.1 U$ |6 _: E) ^; Y" K- W  J
-Fixed issue when consolidating, some unnecessary files were also copied.5 M- `3 A  M9 _8 s) t) @8 u7 v

5 F2 g/ r5 f8 U8 W: F0 i+ B( `Version 4.25 ( Release: 4/13/2007)
* \7 w& b5 V5 p' G% N& c/ {-Fixed errors when trying to start capturing a HDV stream.
- o9 H0 I0 M. x! v2 r( N+ l/ n-Fixed errors in Batch Capture when running MPEG TS Writer.
; n2 {4 O$ R* _& H-Fixed errors when trying to select both sides of the clip and trim it.' f  I. ^. }, M$ F7 F
-Fixed errors in the icons on the Color Correction Setting dialogue.
" a/ E! T# i9 x1 b; P9 ]! z' \. G" V/ j1 A( g
-[P2 Option]. d" `* \+ ?; u" ?+ e7 B
-Fixed errors when canceling outputting at a P2 camera.
$ d" Z" h" o, N' _* I% {-Fixed errors in displaying the file list when using P2 Store (in case cards with different capacity are used together).* G# P1 m. `2 e: z
-Fixed errors in P2 SELECT Tool when trying to display the list on a P2 card.
: y7 ^2 T- e( n, x% f8 _-Fixed errors in tools when restarting P2 SELECT Tool.
$ r/ P# \* t7 l$ n# ^% j( w
$ {* X) r" h7 }; G1 f& g9 dVersion 4.26 ( Release: 5/1/2007)0 L% T' Z8 G/ \8 t" e& j
-Fixed issue in the audio mixer (after changing the master volume, the playback level went too high).
$ h* t* x! K  H" ^-Fixed issue with sequence clip (noise occurred when an audio filter and audio cross fade was applied to the clip).
$ g8 p2 @! x4 R" e2 j- e4 W$ p" O" ]-Fixed issue with OHCI input (sometimes EDIUS crashed during deck control / capture from deck).
1 ]5 N8 O; M7 {7 r% c-Fixed issue with rubber band (could not select the level point by mouse click).4 `1 Z! N. T: L
-Fixed issue when dragging & dropping clip to timeline (the track did not become active).
3 ^8 U2 M- @# ]! u2 Z) c8 z* \+ M" R-Fixed to support Alt+M and Alt+N on transitions.
" p0 h( M$ s$ j2 {-Fixed issue with preset function in input settings.
2 M0 l8 \" W9 k* F$ e-Fixed issue with keyboard shortcut customization.8 u: C% s+ e2 ~
-Fixed issue with rendering clips with speed change applied.8 J- O8 {+ @  ?/ ]/ `' |
-Fixed issue with playing back DV format files.+ ^& A; t$ s# \
-Fixed issue with shuttle playback (noise in audio).- Z1 ?4 m1 w% |! h
-Fixed issue with playing back nested sequences (noise in audio).' ~7 }/ m; H, J+ u2 q+ z, M1 s
-Fixed issue with TitleMotion Pro (failed to overwrite files).% Z( K1 `7 L) E. x3 O
. ~  i1 N7 L. j7 z/ F$ g8 [0 h
Version 4.50 ( Release: 7/1/2007)
- J- y$ T* [1 t% L! Z, e+ w-[New Features]
! y0 L: c4 K9 l1 D0 J0 f5 u6 P-(Below are the major new features. Please refer to the user manual for details.)
" L9 }) M5 G3 I0 D5 G2 O-Updated GUI+ k, a# E& ~) e5 r8 A. \" c
-Added support formats
. O5 o5 B* N% O6 ?, D-AAF import/export support  a# K" C. n* R" y; a5 z
-Segment encoding support for HDV/MPEG2/XDCAM export. O7 N% T4 \/ m1 g% U6 u
-Export to DVD with menu
" f+ \2 O2 T9 w0 M. o# ?0 A-User profile settings
8 b( f' Y  m7 X1 z5 K" ^+ j4 z2 s  o$ L9 r) H! U% }
Version 4.51 ( Release: 7/13/2007)( F6 C& d' S3 V- D" Y
-Fixed issues with rendering projects.$ U: R' \% j- d, \9 c  Q  e) ~
-Fixed issue with rendering in the timeline in certain formats.$ S; j' g. S1 ?( E5 A
-Fixed issue with overlay handling.
, K5 U# S& H. g1 @2 a-Fixed issue with opening the clip menu when sequences are nested to each other.
) b) F4 J! g" S/ P/ |9 K-Fixed issue when deleting a user preset set to a default transition.! v3 z  m# N, W1 {) V4 B& m
-Fixed issue with EDL export when long file names are set.2 \$ }6 U! a& V$ L

; O9 p- k" P$ s. v- q; ~4 s7 G2 b0 uVersion 4.51a ( Release: 7/25/2007)# u" ~, g, ~$ o: T+ F
-Added Chinese (simplified) manual pdf.! B! U. i4 u( X+ ?

2 P* \5 m5 J1 d% e' n' C- Q& IVersion 4.51c ( Release: 8/7/2007)
- a2 _4 I- w9 o: K& o' `-Fixed crash issues when using TitleMotion Pro.; f8 \: x0 N9 ~& M9 h, S7 {
-Fixed issue when importing certain AVI files.
; ~! q+ y+ ~* S2 k4 g  P$ e- [; X5 x8 [  U9 @
Version 4.52 ( Release: 9/5/2007)7 W6 D$ Y% q0 O! a2 K( r
-Fixed issue when capturing video in long durations.
: |' Q: e8 d1 b& n" L7 n-Fixed issue with importing Imaginate clips.% i0 q3 s/ l2 E0 s! [
-Fixed issue when importing certain title clips.
5 O1 w; Z  N& C0 q- d: ?2 F8 {- r6 c
Version 4.53 ( Release: 9/14/2007)0 P7 Y0 C8 {, H& Z- L8 |
-Fixed EDIUS Watch tool (watch folder did not work in certain cases).- E# E' H' z- A0 u/ T- E( d* I' N' @

! w2 |% s3 |; D' s0 {+ PVersion 4.54 ( Release: 10/17/2007), n1 f5 W* O: A, T- i8 P5 ~+ Q
' V& g* Y1 T, x* Y, h" M
-Fixed crash issues when adding TGA/TIFF files directly into timeline3 d' J/ _8 V: T" k% h0 [8 L& z
-Fixed errors of blackened preview window when applying Region Filter after using odd-number of video filters.7 G; J$ t4 a( {( I+ E" k, L# }
; e$ |/ b( K8 Y' G1 |4 J0 m
Version 4.60 ( Release: 2/4/2008)
; e- I" ?. ?' L/ c/ g-[New Features]
$ c6 ^, n1 X; ~-(Below are the major new features. Please refer to the user manual for details.)+ C/ _0 p7 \' C: k# e
-(Standard Features)
" _- \2 Q+ U% h6 ^0 l-Support for OHCI Profile 1920x1080 24p format.
8 E! Z8 @3 o4 I9 V4 R+ U-New keyboard shortcut mappable functions.
( e3 o$ B$ F4 T( P- k6 R* F-Support for consolidating MPEG Long GOP clips.( O' u- B6 p0 S' w  I' M3 @* @  Q
-Support for insert edit when output to DV tape.
' v4 P4 H$ M) g: g# a. _-Improved speed for segment encoding.6 B7 C! z. p8 C* s8 B7 E& p
-Improved seek performance for AVCHD clips.4 Y: I  j1 j. D9 V, @& z8 D
-(Broadcast Option Features)
7 T! J/ H- q  k) k/ i-Support for import of XDCAM EX format files.: l2 o$ H5 U, D( x. p5 r9 S
-Support for XDCAM SAM(Simple access mode).- t1 K& c- H0 }/ }3 s
-Support for SAN connection with K2Connect.
- c3 i* V+ `$ {( H-Support for QoS for capturing to SNFS./ {' M4 ^  `/ `! |2 ?& q4 W
-Support for bitrate layering playback of JPEG2000 stream files.; j7 t4 c3 C$ _$ L% d1 G
-Added Infinity Ingest tool.
9 L% b- z5 G1 {; y  g; b% B9 X0 w5 M6 o' V& e* B
-[Fixed issues]" L) R2 u$ C- t6 Z
-Fixed issue when creating new presets after starting EDIUS.
: [0 D0 j9 ^" S0 ^0 u/ L% z-Fixed issue with errors when playing back MPEG TS files from SAN shared drives.- R- Q, ~  K# a8 x6 l
$ j3 u3 i% M7 k: \
7 d6 J  T9 ~! w/ s6 p
Minimum System Requirements:/ ^' m4 L+ m) A' ]% x, d( N: l
- Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz CPU or faster (Intel Xeon 2.8GHz dual processors recommended for HD/HDV editing, Hyper-Threading supported)5 d! F) F" q7 U1 m
- 512MB RAM (1GB RAM recommended)
, F# t8 t2 h7 N8 c7 Y* d- 800MB free disk space for the application0 {1 O3 E$ K( B, W
- DVD-ROM drive for software installation
1 E! f& c9 F1 [" T; P- Windows XP Home or Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2 or later)
% m1 X+ ^* `1 f( q3 F+ p2 a- DirectX 9.0 or later0 d+ m" I: E7 @6 a* b" M+ J
- Graphics card with hardware-based DirectDraw overlay and 32-bit color display at a 1024x768 resolution (128MB of graphics memory is required when editing in HD resolution)
% d$ @0 D5 t# l* n+ C# o5 w- ATA100/5400rpm or faster hard disk recommended (Ultra SCSI 160 or better is required for playing two or more uncompressed video streams simultaneously)6 O" a1 G- R* O8 x4 o7 W" \+ B
- One free USB port (1.1 or higher) for software protection key3 ~3 p* A- n" Y% x4 f6 ?+ H* u% [
- Soundcard& t0 H" \3 a3 K4 s, }# h. X$ r
Note: External video decks/cameras may require either a free IEEE 1394 FireWire port or USB 2.0 port for connectivity.+ ?+ z% ^8 i8 Q; m* Y
& Z/ u2 O+ u! D# X' H, `4 V; f4 L7 P
  n4 }1 l5 u9 F% s* c+ P) v6 ]
6 `  O( `) g5 y  {3 {' e会员高速: o) R& F6 C) j$ H3 d' C4 r( C
, U6 z, `9 i, G+ E
0 g7 ], }# z2 Z6 f9 m6 W
& I5 Z3 ]. ]  i* CGrass Valley Canpous Edius V4.03 升级文件
! _! ?% v% P0 ]( J/ E2 |) gftp:// Y  {2 B- O( r; o3 m
( {$ L% J6 f$ [9 X
Grass Valley Canpous Edius V4.24 升级文件
% V2 F6 \6 \$ O0 r* S3 {
. z5 t! P' F* }: W0 Q
. `- q) E7 @4 X; {- I! b3 x8 ?6 ?Grass Valley Canpous Edius V4.26 升级文件: J2 \, A# e( m @3 [1 W, c* E" w3 m# r

  T9 r0 i$ {# M2 V5 e/ fGrass Valley Canpous Edius V4.610 升级文件' ]. ^7 _7 g: i* {4 M  J ...* ?/ {3 {- T/ a: Z' d' b2 x3 G
0 s, i' Y5 I$ C$ T1 ?( a, P. P
Grass Valley Canpous Edius V4.13 升级文件
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jackbin 发表于 2018-10-24 08:05:33 | 显示全部楼层
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