Grass Valley Canopus EDIUS Pro V8.53 Build 4924 康能普视非编视频剪辑软件

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Program Name: Grass Valley Canopus EDIUS Pro V8
4 {/ z+ S: o" c+ @Program Type: Video Editing" Z  y  G( r+ b  Q7 P  Q
Release Date: 2017/11/107 L1 f/ A/ t8 j* h( w# y
Homepage:, M$ U( A7 f0 ]' ^7 K
Interface Language: English7 b7 `) F: ~7 @7 n4 C3 @
Platform: Win XP, Vista, 7,8,8.1,10" C5 a9 L+ Z9 J/ |6 l
File Size: 679 MB4 ^  C4 V0 @% @6 U+ B2 {
5 Q+ p5 R# H! s# w# [
EDIUS Pro 8 gives you the ability to handle more resolutions, unlimited tracks and real-time editing for the ability to Edit Anything, Anywhere. EDIUS Pro 8 is the perfect finishing tool for broadcast news, newsmagazine content and studio programs, as well as corporate, documentary and 4K theatrical productions. And now EDIUS has partnered with Blackmagic Design to support its PCIe DeckLink 4K Extreme and Thunderbolt*based UltraStudio 4K capture and playback devices for the most affordable 4K workflows. EDIUS Pro 7 also supports EDL project import/export color correction interchange with DaVinci Resolve for a new color grading workflow.
9 G2 j7 ~7 c0 V! N- l  x6 C# k
- }8 b' ]+ V7 L' [- ?( l; tEdius Pro 8 Key Features:# ?7 [+ G$ R" Y* w  a( Q5 R( @
- Project settings / Q; C( x! M+ \" y2 ^! @9 a
- New project configuration assistant that allows you to display only the necessary presets
1 C3 K! n+ c% R2 B3 B: \: W  A4 e- Variable project settings to set the required permissions 5 B8 y' x5 Z; A, s
- Project settings are not tied to the iron 4 `+ V+ {% Y6 e/ B
- Support for 16 audio tracks
5 o, G- y' ]" h& J) A5 E8 ]3 f- Capture
# j, a. R( q; Q5 n/ g0 L$ K9 j8 o- Advanced capture dialog 8 T5 Q8 K, ~% f
- Presets for capture device 8 [5 I5 A; N% q7 N/ n
- Ability to add markers during capture, also adding and editing comments 3 C5 a" Q. P3 H+ _
- Source browser
( w: u5 |+ g8 A1 `" x- Automatic detection of external data storage array
* F: v- H- Z" ?0 D- Media playback from tapeless (P2, XDCAM, etc.) media in the wizard window (not all formats are supported)
- M! x/ G, }4 U' }$ t- Forwarding clips to the locale (project folder) in the background (not all formats are supported)
$ |8 n# t- I/ n! J8 `- Displaying the clip metadata
( [5 K- D* ^' W4 e) N- New features on the timeline  `9 ]! h7 Q0 E6 l; p- P: t( Y3 z6 u
- Disconnecting the AV track by Drag & drop 7 H+ s  M+ V" X3 T0 s4 [
- Enabling / disabling track synchronization
8 T1 s: h! p* \4 D- Selecting multiple tracks and editing them simultaneously 1 b. I  Z- r' n. e6 O! W% I
- Moving the clip on the timeline using a hotkey combination # X: T7 k. g# C$ n8 w) B0 t
- Trimming the clip using the mouse and hotkeys of the keyboard 6 ^6 M- G3 N) U
- Clip "mouse right- the drag and drop the click "
0 v! M2 |$ w; \2 s. j0 f, w+ H$ n- Ability to preview
# [  ~. j, F! \2 s, S- Preview in full screen mode
- O2 l6 @7 I5 A$ _- display audio mixer in the preview mode 8 G. h* ~4 N. |; {5 Q9 |; U
- screen Rotation
/ t# E! ~. {1 n& y' ^- display" zebra "in preview mode ; ^' v; A5 B! o
- Layouter + _8 C& g' p4 R# R
- Support 3D
/ \  V, ?7 A+ }0 ?/ c- Separate settings for crop / the transform
% ^/ E* ]  W$ ~  k, V* d$ x7 Z& O- Nova interface for appointment of key personnel & x2 s; R4 Y2 T
- Multicam
2 F. E2 r+ ?* J' K1 q8 J! {" T, d- Supports up to 16 cameras
& F' X8 K' @; Y- Displays the source or image from the selected camera on the external mozhet. * f* Y9 c  m3 r: z
- Export ) r) ^% k0 B4 P
- Export to AVCHD to SD card ! T2 W1 \% U% v/ _
- New GXF Exporter
" d- H' ^/ C% p7 F. k6 Y# [- Ability to select a device for exporting material ! l, E& |8 _0 t) W
- New sound functions
. Z& L4 e) l! Q# |- Configure sound pan in the dialog box audio mixer & U9 b" V$ J( D4 y2 q; b8 f
Capture voice using EDIUS-compatible I / O boards ; x) u9 w1 D# A8 N
- Adjusting the sound of the selected clip in the audio mixer window
1 S2 N, v! B' G% ~1 }1 i+ p0 U% [- disc recording 9 `6 D  d) S2 W$ r' Z0 \
- Recording timecode display on the DVD / BD
$ ]! n7 ?: a0 }8 {- Support animated menus on DVD / BD % ^1 N2 v, k/ m3 l, O. i) F

% z9 Z8 F+ H+ D7 i4 EFeatures of Grass Valley EDIUS:
+ E9 `8 ]- L3 |/ `5 m/ x; s- Installation of all possible HD / SD formats, including DV, HDV, AVCHD, MPEG-2, Windows Media and QuickTime, in real time.
* w* e1 R. j( Y1 P# ^- Flexible user interface, unlimited number of tracks for video, sound, titles and graphics
. {' W  V* _% P" Q& q; r- Editing and converting in real time of all possible HD / SD formats (16: 9 and 4: 3)
6 Y7 }/ K( C2 o  Y8 o1 H% [- Editing and converting in real time video with different frame rates of 60i, 50i and 24p% h8 G7 I- [1 R2 @
- Editing and converting in real time video with different resolutions 1440x1080, 1280x720 and 720x480
; }$ P' m" z# {5 f  f6 d- HD / SD Effects, Kers, Transitions and Captions in real time3 e! s3 n  ?9 E7 X  i
- DV video output in real time directly from the timeline
/ \" Q( O1 w$ G( Q) i' h' P- Ability to edit immediately several cognitions on one time line! i8 K1 c6 \6 J, N+ i" }0 k* q
- High-speed export HDV
5 z4 U* V; n$ P" g! q$ h- Coding of individual segments of a time line ('Smart Rendering'). With the support of MPEG and HDV, Segment Encoding greatly reduces the time it takes to export a project by encoding only edited and modified clip segments4 ~& X0 D7 w3 l$ ~, q: j2 b9 z) T
- DVD authoring on a time line
, r+ C" b) y, j- {4 J- d& v- Software utility Quick Titler for titration, working in real time
2 h0 K% q& u7 l  V3 T) Y9 x) X- Support for new file formats based, even Infiniti JPEG 2000, XDCAM and XDCAM EX, P2 (DVCPRO and AVC-Intra), and GFCAM
/ ]2 S/ E. o0 @- }/ U- Multi-cameras, editing up to eight different sources at one and the same time; z7 |6 Q! ^2 W- h' y. \+ R+ D
- High speed SD HDV and MPEG-2 export, built on dual-core technology
8 z# P4 G( n% R5 p" B( T: w- Direct-to-DVD export
4 V* w  p% B) ]- f# C
/ B3 o* ]/ T( U7 l" qWhat's New in EDIUS Pro 8:
/ U3 d# O: V0 t7 q2 m- Superior 4K workflow, including support for Blackmagic Designs DeckLink 4K Extreme and EDL or AAF import/export with Grass Valley HQX with DaVinci Resolve 11" }6 x. p  f, }0 j. P8 }9 B
- Open to third*party I/O hardware from Blackmagic Design. Matrox and AJA (requires EDIUS v7.4)." I% M  {+ @  n* {0 ^0 u
- Editing media files with different resolutions ” from 24x24 to 4Kx2K, as well as real*time conversion of frame rates on the same timeline delivers more efficient editing into the hands of editors1 E- J: U: A' k2 e) m
- Fast, flexible user interface, including unlimited video, audio, title and graphics tracks
' P0 b# O" n$ G0 W8 y- Support for the latest file formats (Sony XAVC/XVAC S, Panasonic AVC*Ultra and Canon 1D C M*JPEG)1 u9 l6 }) C' m; G9 Z
- Work natively with many different video formats, such as Sonys XDCAM, Panasonics P2, Ikegamis GF, RED, Canons XF format and EOS movie format( }" U3 `" k* M1 j0 d
- Fastest AVCHD editing in the market (up to 3+ streams in real time)
1 N8 S! @# ^* g- Multicam editing of up to 16 different sources simultaneously, with video output support5 D' t3 t4 D! Q0 C% f" u( Q
- Improved MPEG encoder speed and quality4 w$ L: E% g5 F7 ^6 ]7 u0 E
- Improved H.264/AVC decoder
5 a/ V& z7 p, }( x4 B- Optimized for fourth*generation Intel Core i architecture/ D' G! y9 q7 x; ~$ }  p0 a
- 64*bit native processing with maximum memory access for streamlined real*time editing
$ C! o  L4 P/ H! k/ b- Proxy mode workflow for slower computers helps extend their usability and increase ROI
8 U7 s  i& ?2 |8 R# H9 v9 X5 m" {" p- Supports Intel Quick Sync Video for extremely fast hardware for export and Blu*ray Disc burning
! t. Q& S1 D/ b: W- X- Fast handling of large quantities of still image files (JPG, TGA, DPX and others)5 d/ _5 ^5 H# O. l
- 3D stereoscopic editing
- j6 B: q8 x: J* i9 Y( C- Built*in loudness meter
$ d4 B( g- D+ x' b8 N- Image stabilization) K1 J2 g0 Y9 P0 `
- Direct to Blu*ray Disc and DVD timeline export
4 I3 D# L) o; N5 A  J4 B) B% \3 t& }' D* f3 o1 O/ c
Minimum System Requirements (standalone):
  g9 }3 D" y2 O8 `3 fWindows 8/8.1, Enterprise and Professional, 64-bit: 512 GB$ w; J& t8 Q* B" k2 r
Windows 8/8.1, 64-bit: 128 GB: A) \! Z9 H3 \2 Y+ s! }8 |
Windows 7, Ultimate, Enterprise, and Professional, 64-bit: 192 GB) ^7 P/ C$ `( x2 _& Q# g; b
Windows 7, Home Premium, 64-bit: 16 GB (not recommended for complex 4K projects)
* F2 R( z: Z. f0 sWindows 7, Home Basic, 64-bit: 8 GB (not recommended for projects with more than HD resolution)# j; C+ A( C5 @4 P( L1 o
CPU: Any Intel Core 2 or Core iX CPU. Intel or AMD single core CPU with a 3 GHz processor speed or faster (multiple CPUs and/or multicore CPUs are recommended). SSSE3 (Supplementary SSE3) instruction set support required.
, O1 L, a! X( Z0 Q0 i2 GB RAM minimum (4 GB or more recommended)
2 K. ^( w, J# b& ~Requirements for RAM and video memory vary depending on the project format. For SD/HD projects: 4 GB or more RAM recommended. For 4K projects: 16 GB or more RAM recommended5 U) l8 p, P! ^  {- B4 I# s
Maximum amount of RAM is based on the physical memory limits of each OS.- ~* [$ q$ _9 p" g
Supporting higher resolution than 1024x768 32-bit. Direct3D 9.0c or later and PixelShader Model 3.0 or later is required1 h: ~1 N- T- q7 r8 W
Requirements for video memory size when using GPUfx will vary depending on the project format. For 10-bit SD projects: 1 GB or more recommended, for HD/4K projects 2 GB or more recommended
! M" g0 E* }% P9 b' C( fNote: Requirements for video memory vary depending on the project format. See Memory section above for details.7 J! m8 Y6 x: N7 }% n/ Q
6 GB of hard disk space is required for installation
: O6 B/ u6 Z) c0 M8 I3 XDrive with SATA/7,200 RPM or faster is required for video storage:( x- w8 p# h% G3 m4 s8 R* y7 ?1 u
Available hard drive disc space should be twice the size of the file to be edited4 g3 t4 Z5 T0 a. B: s7 L
RAID-0 is recommended for HD and above resolution editing! d  {  ^  J2 x4 D
Blu-ray Disc writer is required when creating Blu-ray Discs( o$ q8 g6 k. _& ]; \- F
DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW drive is required when creating DVDs! N& j2 Y* f3 V5 m2 M; q8 u& M
Sound card with WDM driver support is required.
2 H+ k0 E4 o/ \" P$ Y; y4 v: ?Internet connection required for software license activation; thereafter Internet connection is required once per month to maintain usage.
% o6 n3 e- Q. m  o% n/ _# C6 O6 o" g! I2 a6 D* @& l

* ]" O7 i  Z: }: g9 u8 P1 a# d+ j* a1 B9 r+ T* c

6 X1 \) r% I7 gDownload:( ]" w" U; X# T$ n  Y0 [' z; ~
EDIUS_8.00_0077_DL_Setup.exe9 m. W  q5 r4 ?" H. Q: e9 T" [
EDIUS_8.00_0089_DL_Setup.exe. b% l1 h+ U0 z! ?9 P- e7 B' Q
EDIUS_8.10_0188_DL_Setup.exe% p0 ?& ^) [* Q# z. E
3 ?2 t( H; `9 vEDIUS_DL_Setup- N  Z7 y( Y6 X: h7 N+ ]
6 K" L( o3 m% t% o( y. xEDIUS_DL_Setup- s- {( n# q% \# T9 T* |
EDIUS_DL_Setup- G- n' m, T4 ]7 d. b' f( X8 w
EDIUS_DL_Setup-; i" D# Q. r0 p
* W) @3 o2 A- uXREClient_Setup- V, \( t& u" H% |* p8 w
5 p7 ^: Y8 L  A+ n4 W4 @5 _5 [EDIUS_DL_Setup-
( [- J5 w, j0 I; a1 v& c7 `EDIUS_DL_Setup-* H" d& Z+ {  F& B
$ ?2 M* R( A( G6 ^/ g8 E! OEDIUS_DL_Setup- l9 B$ k+ R$ U- n! Z$ N4 }4 V
- h) |9 c4 z0 H" ^& d5 aEDIUS_DL_Setup-
( H4 f8 t: s( ?2 qEDIUS_DL_Setup-
4 y- Z/ D" L0 I- u* s$ A1 C! ZEDIUS_DL_Setup-
; N; {' e2 L3 W& l. i4 g
7 D) F! Y# x; l5 |& n8 J# z7 R3 z2 V8 z1 n
会员快速" r7 m" k* C, M# m

; |$ K0 [0 n, T7 Q) x: X/ u0 M2 A2 L0 [  U  U( t. u+ h, [# Q
3 j, d  M8 x/ W0 I$ c P$ N/ V4 G4 e; y- X
; t5 P' X/ W6 a4 g& r b) Y% a% a: w% f" F O3 Q! L, G. f: ]. O5 }
8 b3 x- ^1 \, ]* @( U* | @( r; W8 ?  e, l2 ]) ] P  }5 Z. h) I1 [ S, t& d7 ~+ y3 ]' ~1 H
0 g+ {) B# F+ s+ c" L$ U, C5 q) ?* l+ s$ g
; ?% P9 Z4 |' `0 u: t
# K) Y/ o+ e- u* Z) f8 e% G5 w3 B0 a G3 c& H+ h0 W( Y. i9 t H6 L# N0 R7 ^% c0 f. e  @7 E! y
  o+ b7 ~. W( `: Q- s' o  v
, G! ?/ X3 r$ Q1 k3 u }; a6 {' B- |" w- O! ^ k6 }( M6 M9 X( X& o6 z  o
6 J2 r5 J: A- `1 S- i J7 o4 i0 c0 y3 a; U# v- p8 l# Y
9 a* e. }3 {- w  ] u8 ]% \1 R3 \" ^. M' R3 m ?/ I4 P" b: o0 @* U/ s, `% g: ~$ ]
0 K, t& k3 o7 @9 `7 p* x+ S$ i `, ]* D6 @- e' L9 V. n  a8 \4 j9 t! R% J# M9 ~
! t9 Z8 [3 l" Q4 P/ n  V
& h3 G5 T, ~- [# j6 C% t x4 e5 ^5 N+ H2 v& }# f5 i
  k# A4 o9 F$ Y: C9 z& O8 D; j* w4 {) w8 A" i
8 S$ @2 N  j, f! \7 I( r4 }( E  v( T% n! {  m n0 w0 C+ [+ b! h; |9 P
: b0 t. h1 G6 M3 @3 _' P
/ }5 A, I% _% L# ~; ?
4 [1 R8 d; \. o5 A7 X) f! z' h
# J! A3 j1 ^% y) ?
- a% y7 Q" G9 N. C
. @( K' j" T6 Z, m7 f
0 d/ F8 H* w5 [1 D5 v8 V/ U- A% O
5 S" v# H6 e& I4 X, R* \9 C


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