Grass Valley Canopus EDIUS Neo V3.5 康能普视非编视频剪辑软件

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Program Name: Grass Valley Canopus EDIUS Neo V3.5
6 m9 Q2 k  u# V! S& X; A& }Program Type: Video Editing
7 z5 l# `7 `9 d( K3 {Release Date: 2011-03-10
" a2 r6 H' w% tHomepage: L+ J0 V, X$ {. N$ P; I
Interface Language: English+ [4 @. X0 M* L. ?9 J3 e: \' D
Platform: Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64# v% [# Z1 a3 R% f# ^3 ^
File Size: 1.63 Gb. S# q( W0 l0 n& [$ T3 K  C
  y9 I* A6 q# L) P
Grass Valley's EDIUS Neo 3.5 (Boxed Set) is a simplified version of EDIUS Pro 6.5 video editing software, designed specifically for educational and institutional users that don't need all the features of the Pro version. Nevertheless, Neo 3.5 is highly multi-featured and supports high-resolution and 3D stereoscopic editing.
, V+ q* m$ L& T! U" K# J5 W0 {0 z" t! T- l# ^# M' H5 A
A main aspect of Neo is its real time workflow. Neo won't stop to render after every little change. Another key aspect is the ability to mix formats. You'll be able to add video, audio, and photo files in various formats to your timeline and work with them all at the same time, as opposed to first converting them all into a common format. ; y% R; H0 }2 c9 N# |

5 s8 N! M: B# J4 U, A9 ]' vNeo is a Windows-only program, compatible with Windows 8 and 7, and Neo does not require any special hardware and can run on your laptop or desktop. Your purchase provides you with an installation DVD, so you'll need a DVD-ROM drive on your computer.
$ X7 n9 ~+ _3 m" x* n! M% o* k% o) \- q- {4 A2 Y' T8 K: A5 S
Neo is exactly the same program as the full EDIUS but without some of the more advance features.  Neo may do everything that you need for editing and supports ort to the Grass Valley HDSPARK so you can watch your edits in full HD. It also supports Intel Quicksync for fast encoding of Blu-ray and MP4 files in H.264 format.
) r4 E" k0 i9 F! p8 E- A# o% v; }+ [+ L# Y. c" g( Q
EDIUS NEO's strengths
9 f, P, f; m1 \2 B, k7 P7 CEDIUS strengths are its stability and realtime performance and you get exactly the same with Neo.  Neo also has EDIUS' multi-track timeline, mixed-format HD/SD editing, excellent realtime chromakeying, titling using EDIUS' QuickTitler which can do realtime rolling and crawling titles as well as, and DVD authoring.' F" u# k3 z) w0 a; t) \1 F
* j0 u& H* w& u4 K% i9 ~
Using the Grass Valley HDSPARK PCI Express board that gives you real-time, HDMI output so you can see you editing in full HD on a decent screen.  Neo does not support other Grass Valley hardware, such as STORM 3G, but you do not really need inputs with most of the modern AVCHD or HDV cameras so it may not be an issue.  It also does not have the full support for Blackmagic cards that you get with EDIUS 7, so ironically it is almost cheaper sometimes to buy the EDIUS crossgrade (assuming you qualify) with a Blackmagic Intensity Pro for analogue and HDMI in and out, than it is to buy EDIUS Neo and an HDSPARK.
+ z+ X. h, l3 I, n3 Q
3 Q. n0 x' R  i4 F7 {Neo 3 also includes the new range or 3D GPU based transitions that were first seen in EDIUS 5. These add exciting effects such as page wipes, bouncing balls and explosions.  Also in Neo 3 is the animatable layout tool.  This lets you easily crop and do animated picture in picture effects - both 2D and 3D - with your video or stills.  It also maintains the quality of any high res stills as you pan around them making it great for image montages.  Neo also has the MASK TOOL introduced in EDIUS 6 - which means that in a program at this price you can have keyframable, feathered mask which you can animated - something only the province of compositing programs previously!( j1 k# s  ~8 M' k9 O7 q& {
( v2 h+ {) v6 K" K* L' t$ F
What's New in Neo 3.5?
  • Export sequence with alpha channel
  • 3D stereoscopic editing
  • AVCHD 2.0 support and 3D support
  • EOS movie support -- ALL-I (I-only), and IPB
  • Camera RAW format support (but source setting of camera RAW formats are not supported)
  • Filmstrip view in Timeline
  • Enhanced video layouter (drop shadow, resize quality)
  • Built-in shake stabilizer
  • 720p Blu-ray authoring support
  • Flash F4V export
  • QuickTime HQ/HQX codec (Windows/Mac)  b' P, R% Q, b+ U) r  m+ }& F8 ~
3 i# r& ?$ |# k  j
Key Features
  • Mix various HD/SD video formats, like AVCHD, DV, HDV, and H.264 QuickTime, and edit them in real time
  • Convert and edit 16:9 and 4:3 HD/SD aspect ratios in real time
  • Convert and edit 60/50p, 60/50i, 24p, and other frame rates in real time
  • Convert and edit different resolutions, such as 1920 x 1080p60/50 and 720 x 480, in real time
  • Real-time HD/SD effects, keyers, transitions, and titles
  • Real-time, render-free DV output directly from the timeline (for DV projects)
  • Real-time roll/crawl titling with QuickTitler
  • Friendly interface with unlimited video, audio, title, and graphics tracks
  • Nested timeline sequences
  • 3D stereoscopic editing
  • Support for AVCHD export to SD card, memory stick, or HDD
  • Segment encoding (smart rendering) export for MPEG and HDV
  • Direct export (with menu) to Blu-ray and DVD discs
  • Supports Windows 7 32/64-bit and Windows 8 64-bit/ W7 Y: C. c3 L3 k0 `, B/ o

8 l% A' W$ c( P9 H3 Q/ O6 H' lReal-Time H.264 EditingEDIUS Neo 3.5 offers native editing in various formats including AVCHD and H.264 QuickTime, and it provides a seamless real-time workflow, supporting mixing of all formats on the same timeline. Neo 3.5 features real-time, multi-track, mixed format HD/SD editing, compositing, chroma-keying, titling, and Blu-ray disc/DVD output capabilities.Mixed-Format EditingNeo 3.5 performs conversion between different HD and SD resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates, all in real time. Edit 1080i high-definition clips on a 4:3 standard-definition timeline, use NTSC together with PAL, or combine them all into a 720p24 project without wasting a single moment on conversion or rendering. Neo 3.5 also features real-time playback and DV output of all effects, keyers, transitions, and titles, and can export projects to many devices including Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and SD cards.Image Quality and PerformanceNeo 3.5 includes custom designed H.264 and MPEG decoders to allow editing clips in their native formats on the same timeline. Neo also includes the Grass Valley HQ codec for recording HD video to provide both high-quality and high-performance. The HQ codec is also perfect for exchanging video with compositing and graphic software by supporting an alpha channel and allowing data compression at the same time.Advanced 3D Editing FunctionsConvert imported left-eye and right-eye images into S3D clips, edit S3D clips, and output in various S3D formats (L/R separate output, side-by-side, top and bottom, and line interleaved). Neo 3.5 also supports advanced functions including automatic adjustment of misalignment that occurs when using a camera rig, stereoscopic view adjustment effects that can perform parallax adjustments, and ten S3D display modes. If your computer monitor supports 3D display, you can also edit while displaying the stereoscopic view.No Special Hardware RequiredNeo does not require any special hardware to work. It can run on a laptop as well as a desktop system and can input/output video from any generic OHCI hardware.
/ w/ }! R% I- @7 C& e' c
1 m$ ]5 L# q1 \% O8 g, C% \& l9 }) A) f, f5 L
Minimum System Requirements
Operating SystemsWindows 8 (64-bit)
( \1 a3 p$ g& V7 x1 u# wWindows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
CPUAny Intel Core 2 or Core iX CPU. Intel or AMD single core CPU with a 3 GHz processor speed or faster. (Multiple CPUs and/or multi-core CPUs are recommended). SSE2 and SSE3 instruction set supported.
Memory1 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
Hard Disk Space6 GB of hard disk space is required for installation (including third-party software). Drive with ATA100/7,200 RPM or faster is necessary for video storage. " R  {: v: x% B( K8 t
*Available HDD disc space should be twice the size of the file to be edited *RAID-0 is recommended for HD resolution editing
Graphics CardA graphics card supporting higher resolution than 1024 x 768 (32-bit), Direct3D 9.0c or later, and PixelShader Model 3.0 or later is required. ! l/ A0 P! D# ?! S5 [7 `3 V
% G0 _- n5 S! {9 E! K
For SD editing: 256 MB or larger required, 512 MB or larger recommended
2 C- l) }/ u$ b& y# x" ^* b  eFor HD editing: 512 MB or larger required, 1 GB or larger recommended
Sound CardA sound card with WDM driver support is required
DVD-ROM DriveRequired for software installation 7 Y# s" S8 O# z5 j9 @, x0 f* t) `
3 H/ K6 k  a$ |, a4 A9 ~1 _
(Blu-ray Disc writer, DVD-R/RW, or DVD+R/RW drive is required when creating Blu-ray Discs or DVDs)
Internet AccessRequired to activate software license
Supported Video FormatsAVCHD, MPEG-2/H.264, QuickTime, HDV, DV, Windows Media
Supported HardwareNeo 3.5 can input/output video from any generic OHCI hardware
Packaging Info
Package Weight0.25 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)7.4 x 5.3 x 0.6"

& J  N: e# M1 m. P5 H
3 a2 {' u% x, D2 u9 A+ E7 S- u" A  w$ V% n$ R/ R1 f; N  d* _$ W

# V; {$ {* K/ u5 L& ]0 o1 K+ b3 }$ xDownload:: U9 R; x/ R. @& r, B7 N( u, ]6 @
7 h0 h& [3 @% J; u! C- A: S j- ^" G& k9 @% O% m/ U2 [" S! M

2 k0 g# [6 Y! ?& l" {: kNeo2.5
4 ^6 D# w+ ]. u2 Q
; ~  f+ ^8 N  c- f: Q9 |( w  c8 z" I4 Z: [: h
Neo3.50 e$ D3 X/ V+ g! r; f  c
2 j1 B  `  a5 F2 g
$ ~$ g2 l8 e) N+ U




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