Insydium X-Particles 2.1 Build 08 Pro R13-R16 Win64 超级粒子特效流体插件

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Version : v2.1 Build 08
$ E  `1 ~) X0 ]% g- d, X+ ODeveloper : X-Particles 9 w( P/ L. a; Y0 V2 I
Bit depth : 64bit 9 ~6 u1 x7 E: P) y
Language : English
5 B) S. g0 v1 ?# {1 {3 WMedicine : Present / a$ Z! a2 z$ F- K% Y
System requirements : Cinema 4D R13-16 & Q" q# c4 W5 @0 d" e0 C

( L4 w! e  P* \+ m/ H  BDescription :
! f% V4 Z: u$ F  M+ XX-Particles v2 For Cinema 4D R13-R14 - this is the Pro version X-particle which is a full-featured particle system which is suitable for most purposes, is intended for experienced users and those who want to produce high-end effects. X-Particles v2 For Cinema 4D is a completely new particle system, which does not need a standard or Cinema 4D Thinking Particles. 5 Y6 |9 v% o6 L7 f

4 g/ `' S. f. C: Q9 [0 W  ?* ], pEmitter Features:
: v# [7 p! Q! g  ~. }- Maximum Particle count of 1 billion particles (C4D has Itself A Smaller Total limit on the number of objects Which can be generated); 7 x9 R) B  W2 M' {( m
- Multithreaded emitter; & j! M: t/ W+ u7 U# R" A9 E
- Fast Particle Generation, significantly faster Compared to the Previous version (1.2);
8 O6 P5 U4 [  J3 i! n- Memory footprint kept as Low as Possible; & J% R  i9 ~, B4 A! x) V* u
- Competely revised and much Improved Collision engine;
' s- z2 D( l+ g$ ~- Three standard emitter Shapes, or use any Primitive, polygon object, or spline as A source of particles; - c5 _, X  e$ e7 Y# H8 Y3 K
in object mode, and direction Initial Particle emission source (EG object vertices or polygons or texture A) can be selected; . D9 b) c6 |" J9 w
- Also in object mode, particles can be emitted from objects Which are Being Themselves generated by another X-Particles object (EG put A Trail object in A Sweep NURBS and use the Sweep as A source object for more particles);
/ \1 t$ q7 c. N' H# g- In object mode particles can be emitted from A Voxel Grid; / P+ H, [3 Z8 a" a: V/ F& Z* E
- Emitted particles can be stuck to the source object and Move with IT;
# b  z; v0 H. Q% F3 I5 h0 X- Emitters can be used to Spawn Other particles from particles using A Spawn Modifier; 7 o& `' |) {' I; d2 H3 D  `6 D
- User-selectable Editor Colour and Shape for particles; + g5 Q$ i  v* x0 w' B0 J
- Many Other parameters Including Speed, birthrate, emission frames, lifespan, etc.;
" N6 M5 D( s" D0 y% L- Built in HUD display for Particle Counts; . ?$ `- C& i/ P' N1 U# B
- MAXON'S "Thinking Particles" can be emitted for compatibility with Pyrocluster and the Hair renderer. Key features: "Four of the generator objects: an emitter object, Sprite Generator and Trail; "Three control object: the system, the question of action; "Professional Effects, various built-in modifiers, which are used in the movies and some new programs, "Six tags; "revised and significantly improved engine, "Shader Particles; "Sprite channels shaders; "Online Updater for quick updates and bug fixes.4 |2 t( S$ V" b4 d( X# w
% M$ i* t1 Y/ N  v! K2 ]7 U9 t
Plugin Support:
; i/ v2 o5 j' q# U$ ]% RCinema 4D R13( k$ c+ e. a" A  @) l0 ~. X
Cinema 4D R14& A' {0 |( Q. C8 Y* m7 S+ W5 K
Cinema 4D R152 f  t: D6 v: z( L; P
Cinema 4D R16
6 h3 y9 {, e" ]* N5 r# ]) Z
  Z/ f" D5 l6 xInstallation9 N7 v1 n3 e7 f! ^, D, H
1. install the plugin here C: \ Users \ name \ AppData \ Roaming \ MAXON \ CINEMA 4D R14 \ plugins ! ~& ~4 W9 g5 n7 Q) L; b
2. From the folder x-particles.lib4d set here C: \ Users \ name \ AppData \ Roaming \ MAXON \ CINEMA 4D R14 \ library \ browser : b  K" n0 i7 l
3. Run CINEMA 4D, the display for entering the serial number (present in the distribution file. txt) 5 X" L" \$ W: Y% b8 c3 Q
4. Done!
! O: \2 e6 z4 Z( b) I0 O+ J3 L3 q1 Y

9 Z; W. o  T$ D& O* D* z; L7 DDownload:/ A+ n2 h: K) ]1 B
Insydium X-Particles 2.1 Build 08 Pro R13-R16 Win64 超级粒子特效流体插件.rar
3 p' o) \( B# D% V, g
4 E1 p6 F( `3 N8 r! A




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