The EDIUS OFX Bridge

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Programe Name: The EDIUS OFX Bridge0 F% ]6 ^( A* h7 o+ \2 N
Program Type: OFX Plus-in
( n; @, j5 y0 Y% ]- w% uRelease Date: 2016-01-297 V! u* G  d( ?7 c9 L2 ]* f% F
Publisher: NewblueFX! s6 _/ [1 N/ Y1 _
0 u* T. E$ C& V; h" b: IInterface Language: English
3 S' t, U0 x& o+ c  JRequirements: EDIUS 8
$ R. X' W7 Z+ d& A! H/ `$ WSize: 281 MB. O& G/ I( H, {$ a) O# [  T" B7 x2 X
: ?. j5 q& I/ b& h+ t8 a; M; x
The EDIUS OFX Bridge6 l. D0 b. e; M$ I4 w$ s
New for EDIUS 8 from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is the OFX Bridge. OpenFX is an open standard for visual effects plug-ins, and the OFX Bridge is a software gasket that enable plug-ins that adhere to this standard to work with EDIUS. The OFX Bridge has been developed in collaboration with NewBlueFX., n" W% h$ s. K5 ]
4 J$ Q1 t% @# g5 W/ W6 f2 p6 [
With the first release of the OFX Bridge, we are supporting Sapphire from Genarts, Magic Bullet Looks from Red Giant, and Beauty Box from Digital Anarchy. Over time we will extend support to other Open-FX plug-ins.
3 _: Y: [+ g! p1 o# S( ~  z; Q2 O0 \: j1 K! |! q& r# E& f
' i6 K7 U& h2 `2 X3 A2 s
7 |& l* d% I- E# y2 j; m5 V0 Z
, Z4 A! N* V4 o, v* a1 s; x+ H
: S2 n) Q! S/ d }. M# D" P7 o5 ]




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