Cubase Artist & Elements 7.0.80

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Software name: Cubase Artist & Elements 7.0.80+ }" ?+ }7 m( @0 n) \
Host Type: Music Host MIDI editor
. P( s' h# k/ A: o* u Official website:
7 c1 k5 J7 D- _3 j7 p- f Operating System: Windows 7 32bit Windows 7 64bit6 i5 _1 v$ h; e& M
Release Date: 2015-01-9
6 R7 a( J4 M; B# z% L8 n: F Supports plug: VST (i) VST3) _, ?& h/ J4 R
Support Driver: ASIO8 I: m4 Q$ @5 a1 X; l9 x
9 S8 i0 d* e6 R1 L
Its powerful set of instruments, the many audio effects and tools for recording, editing and mixing audio and MIDI tracks let Cubase Elements 7 turn your computer into a complete production system. Including the new MixConsole, Chord Track for easy chord management and the award-winning audio engine, Cubase Elements 7 welcomes you to the exciting world of Cubase.
1 r# ]7 n. l& {; B+ ~0 N' T. m6 `* w$ f+ \$ k! s! ~3 J
Cubase Elements Key Features
: r5 n8 O2 C3 {' [+ N/ tPersonal music production system, offering a set of streamlined audio/MIDI recording, editing, scoring and mixing tools
$ f( n0 R( ^% ~% UAward-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine, flexible routing and full automatic delay compensation* A0 |- N" N0 p6 a
Supports 64 MIDI and 48 simultaneous audio tracks with up to 24-bit/192 kHz# Q0 j( q1 H2 n, k8 l$ S* Z
All-New MixConsole provides a stellar mixing experience with the full flexibility and integrated EQ/Dynamics channel strip modules for epic pro-console sound
. ]8 e1 k; H- b5 P* n( p; N& Z5 {Includes outstanding virtual instruments: HALion Sonic SE workstation, MPC-style Groove Agent ONE drum machine, Prologue synthesizer/ D1 I" y! h: n. e5 r  j: _
Comes ready with 44 audio effect processors, including Pitch Correct for vocal intonation correction, MorphFilter and VST Amp Rack guitar tone suite
/ Z: N9 W, F# V$ j; aProject Assistant with dozens of common templates helps getting started quickly
* P* V' v" n* P/ RChord Track for easy chord management and re-harmonizing within project context
3 [& H, S" `( z% IStreamlined score editing feature set/ b# R- j+ W3 ?6 G+ {' j5 o
2 hours of online HD video tutorials( u: P% J9 Y2 s: q0 q
Cross-platform 32-/64-bit for Windows and OS X# W- f2 U0 k' L; E7 [# w

3 {. K2 k7 r) p0 u- w' JThe Cubase experience3 n" x* `7 o: L# S* x! S0 m5 M
Composing# H) T5 `3 A# n* _
Key and Drum Editor for intuitive note, chord or beat creation and editing
. L, D/ t- G6 E  ^+ SStreamlined and simplified, yet powerful notation environment, u. |: I& K$ Q: D, M) ?
Global Chord Track allows for easy working with chords within your Project   W# L# U3 O4 f5 U

" ^5 R- D& N% ORecording+ U+ f9 c4 o6 ]  x3 s
Award-winning Cubase audio engine for crystal-clear recordings in up to 192 kHz sample rate; O& s7 z5 s, F1 ~4 T2 K
Automatic intonation control and scale correction of vocal recordings0 y" ]0 ?4 v" W+ e6 ?+ c$ l
Great sounding guitar amp and speaker simulation included4 |' W6 X. E9 u* n) `0 N( l- z3 k

& I6 k* l' ~0 _# iEditing
% K& O  m7 p  L; @5 J9 K+ i1 iThe Sample Editor covers all common editing tasks and provides creative freedom while editing audio
1 [0 m1 z. g7 c# }Pitch shift and time stretch audio in real time8 o0 D+ M( K+ J+ C/ b) {. c
Automatic hit-point recognition and excellent beat-slicing for working with loops0 t4 S1 B; ?$ P6 S- R
( M( \+ |  P8 Z( c+ w
Mixing% u. |) f6 u" p, M6 P9 x
Powerful MixConsole featuring full-screen mode, total scalability and quick in-place access to the parameters; p( n0 u* S5 X/ h/ q; O+ @
Integrated Channel Strip with premier equalization and dynamics modules
6 M4 q) V; R& Q. [4 ^& U/ uFlexible routing, A/B comparison and global bypass for audio effects  A0 }& n' X6 K2 ?/ H
; U7 i3 Q4 U5 c/ @6 s0 h. z
Premium VST Instruments1 Z. f9 g6 M+ J6 r* x8 v9 E
Cubase Elements 7 comes with three top-notch virtual instruments and hundreds of fantastic preset sounds right out of the box.
( ^& A" q9 m3 `' C! A; y, qHighlights:
) I7 C( c# }% b: y( z. J4 aHALion Sonic SE: Production-ready sounds and instruments that will truly inspire your creative work.9 x6 B' b. D9 @" _
Groove Agent ONE: Powerful drum sampler with detailed sound shaping options
  n: {4 ?1 E+ T3 J5 V. W: i0 @, }Prologue: Punchy virtual analog synthesizer powered by VirSyn technology
1 I- ^( i  E1 R8 b. B" S
5 w" q( {6 p9 R' [( ~; XOutstanding Effects9 C3 B5 N6 X" e% w' L. {
Cubase Elements 7 offers an impressive collection of 44 quality VST effects, including studio-grade EQ, dynamic, modulation, reverb, filter & distortion.7 m# W, k+ |; N; I% ]" U
! a  B, w" U+ `+ S) t8 |) rChannel strip modules including top-end compressors, tape saturation and brickwall limiter: o1 n! }! w% B( v, L) ]5 D* u
VST Amp Rack infuses your guitar tracks with drive, punch and clarity
) F6 u! ~6 y  i( V- SPitchCorrect for automatic intonation control of monophonic audio sources% Z  p, h2 P, u$ ^% i9 Z
/ W4 e5 u! N. y$ V; ?" X5 d
System requirements
4 q) K. @/ e% K! g  h5 m  ~Mac OS X/Windows
, g! g/ C* i' m# G( L0 r; g" WMac OS X Version 10.9/10.105 Y$ m4 V. e5 u" U; H
Windows 7/Windows 8.x+ c+ s4 v/ S* [4 s7 @/ h3 s/ y+ g
Intel Core or AMD dual core CPU
8 E2 U5 f5 e# G5 ^8 I- S# a( u( r8 GB RAM (minimum: 4 GB)
+ @- X- p' [, N15 GB free HD space
  e3 L* S5 ]$ T% I1920 x 1080 display resolution (minimum: 1366 x 768)5 H6 ?6 }5 ~+ A" ?- M- K
Graphics card with DirectX 10 and WDDM 1.1 support (Windows only)
& K# O* x9 m1 C: f8 U8 kUSB port for USB-eLicenser (license management)* o) z0 h) D9 C/ D
OS compatible audio hardware**4 w* o2 k/ ?/ R( |$ c# |- Z8 S
DVD-ROM dual-layer drive
) x& q4 K3 F. h  d- x2 |. vInternet connection required for activation, account setup and personal / product registration. Additional downloads may be required for the installation.
$ X4 L) \* K. W. s" o" W: {' l
7 F5 d8 O" b( Q- ]( VINSTALL NFO:
9 `. ?6 W7 ?% E9 ~5 c& E; u4 yInstallation:
: Y+ b* u0 y, V  Q3 `/ Y, f6 MInstall step 1 :: Cubase_Elements_7_Installer_mac.dmg: ?' T: }; L- i2 m8 r7 \( L
Install step 2 :: Cubase_LE_AI_Elements_7.0.5_Update_mac.dmg
# ?* U: E3 ]6 v' K  C) q: pInstall step 2 :: Cubase_LE_AI_Elements_7.0.6_Update_mac.dmg' d3 k$ p8 ^1 @' ^% K
final step :: when it ask u for registration change the date of your time on your mac to 2011 instead of 2014 and then ::
# L7 A5 `5 F; g, ]* P& f) z5 pRegistration
2 A8 C. ^/ a  \3 C, D. `Execute commands in a terminal- R1 V0 h" d- ?+ }/ k$ p
new eLicenser
9 N# G* B5 i1 L. MCode:, _0 i4 a1 B3 N
/ Library / Application Support / eLicenser / pos / / Contents / MacOS / Synsopos-RegSeL
2 R7 S' j+ L0 c5 q2 j- }. _proper license0 R& U* T- o9 x& _& r: _
Translate date say for 3 years ahead.
1 n* X; D8 Z0 t7 X/ Applications / License Control / Contents / MacOS / License Control Center-localsoftlicensedownload 02407CXGVZMBMDXDNQZNDX00144C8CEA
, x4 \+ x: F' P# [Return the date and time back.
8 \6 ~( W) r: kSOFT_LICENSE_ACTIVATIONCODE_CUBASE_AI_7 = "02407CNRMFCBJRNCPSRBGA0014248315", E1 n2 V% H$ I0 r+ g
SOFT_LICENSE_ACTIVATIONCODE_MP3 = "02407C000000000000000000117B53ED"
+ D  Z; q% w9 a1 h* o& S1 DRegistration:
. @, r+ e, B* }0 N0 `Execute commands in a terminal( Q* s, b5 h' ~/ Z) X, e* R
new eLicenser
% U9 k/ g7 }) e5 V0 fCode:6 e, I5 a5 p; R& L: j) V/ B% S  `7 Z& D
/ Library / Application \ Support / eLicenser / pos / / Contents / MacOS / Synsopos-RegSeL+ h5 t: `  b5 a4 a
proper license
/ v+ ]9 k$ {+ C/ I1 sTranslate date say for 3 years ahead.' g! l. g: V' m2 E1 c8 z4 g6 |
Code:) P- N$ F4 g7 M* V9 Z' _
/ Applications / License \ Control \ / Contents / MacOS / License \ Control \ Center-localsoftlicensedownload 02407CXGVZMBMDXDNQZNDX00144C8CEA
+ }3 Q/ ?' `" Y% U; @Return the date and time back.6 \+ T' G$ P* A' H$ H* [6 {, v
SOFT_LICENSE_ACTIVATIONCODE_MP3 = "02407C000000000000000000117B53ED"
$ \$ [$ C( ~1 {( Z+ o) t% M6 s% X' d8 |# C" h
Note:下列地址来自于官方推理,或许命名有问题,会出现连接失效的情况,请依据思路,可以自己推导!' T* |' T, X+ b1 A7 N

8 V2 ?3 @" O6 nDownload:/ y& d* |* S2 \2 V3 F
/ f3 T/ `6 ?; B( x. i h/ O% i" o; K% u3 X2 g8 Q" ?
! h8 ~# L3 n/ t& ]$ D6 \3 v {  N; y, D! O3 R: K& i/ ~5 E  K" D( I+ w# }1 |6 C
2 E- e" l1 @9 C- i0 v- _- o7 a
; H2 h, a6 J! W- X( r* K% `, H; \4 C* C, L+ b0 L: a  Y: |
$ t8 H" U$ U3 y0 H$ h+ }, c1 a8 y
' q6 i5 F/ f% U% y7 `7 L8 o' @ {( j- g$ b" [- ~7 \7 d
3 o" ?$ k1 ^3 W' H
" q! n/ _6 c6 B2 L, I) ?- X; O4 E) I2 _( c: ~+ ~
9 Y) r6 v% u  i, Q- Z5 o, c2 G$ i: M
- \+ y3 Y6 R6 K& G7 ~& K {0 V5 O6 J  h# h  ~/ H y! R# v& W6 x0 L% G  S+ R% I
1 \7 U+ Z: ^8 h% I, }- s, n9 a  {3 C0 i- J$ f0 `, T9 X; X6 I* b+ a( `+ _  q
8 T, X7 T  H& v  M# {8 [
/ M/ H9 _4 n% U( ^8 w/ l$ l6 ~0 v" \6 {- x! L/ p) h
/ F+ C! V. O* \/ x7 z A( d& q, {3 `
! w" q8 |  i) v) ]9 l) d6 `- @
5 \/ Q$ i+ G+ j6 ` r4 v; y+ Y5 D% E( S$ a' C2 y% e6 }6 `! G8 }1 ~* r; o3 t+ ?! R
$ G7 Z. V; a  @
% T& g5 h: v: ~  Y$ M4 t( L v( ^/ O/ U# d; k

# E+ P8 H8 `4 E+ b' K/ H. M8 m3 N s% l0 [  g/ P4 C [1 t( C+ ]! w) l; ~+ r6 {
& o: ~+ g; \" q) }2 i3 Y, ~ u  |& d6 t. I$ V$ @& r- d
8 s% z4 m1 f. ~, O0 ^# o7 i
- F1 ?2 e/ F7 |, A) x- [* R
, e! A7 k& E5 d# Y/ M- Y! v {5 ^" u1 h, I4 Q( L' w4 Q# _! b  @  e# }1 h
" E, F' T7 m3 H4 E6 c
/ x1 s" B" h9 t% Y$ g. o d  T- q# s& u/ O/ n$ S7 p: H1 }/ x
# R6 x( K7 F6 B t2 Q9 ^# O0 h6 |- D r* p" o) D" T$ k% e( S
* W. i7 a, p+ M( I# L/ W# \
! N" {$ z6 Y9 P% _' D* n8 B( q
$ p& G% H, D* t& b; B' K
9 S8 ~$ Y) v& D8 E8 K
1 R& D9 s9 E  M  A7 |6 N, p7 S R; Y$ h1 L  `# Y6 u6 w
( G: r& U3 c7 Y/ D
2 ^" j* ]) @: b0 P$ b$ r' i x3 P2 W( ^! a  v% }1 C2 U
# T8 B  t7 v$ N# u0 { P" s+ @/ k" x; w, b" k) t8 M r  g, b/ S2 ~/ V7 G- {$ D
6 F* M! x4 u  a/ `4 s
0 G* d/ g% E' v) l
4 t; p8 d: g8 {
1 K6 w2 S2 v- i2 t4 k ^  x/ Q0 W( d1 _: ]7 A
# c. J$ }0 R7 d# c




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