NextLimit RealFlow v1.0.2_0096_x86_64 for Cinema 4D

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Program Name: NextLimit RealFlow v1.0.2_0096_x86_64 for Cinema 4D
- _1 r# ^, G) }5 ^1 C/ \Program Type: Cinema 4D plug-in
2 P- [. |2 |1 V! ~+ XDeveloper: Next Limit S.L.3 B5 M2 A: u0 T
% ~8 g7 U- k: `* l8 x# Q4 F8 D6 @" P3 KRelease Date: 14.09.2016
* C! O) ]: v2 u8 X3 g: W+ UInterface Language: English9 \5 S7 ]! X7 N+ L6 H0 f5 k" b
Platform: Cinema 4D R15, R16, R17 or R18 | 64-bit ONLY
) @' c5 m6 L/ K- ~# a  X! w( GFile Size: 11.48Mb% Q- ?3 ^/ z" b* u2 C

, [5 J" Q; i" h- p+ hRealFlow | Cinema 4D gives you the best in fluid simulation, directly inside Cinema 4D. Now you can achieve high-end simulations with an even easier workflow.
; R' N, Q% G( v" p# F" l0 |3 @3 X& u$ q
, @: g' k1 `# v, Z. Q9 ]8 ]7 _• Serious, high performance fluids. RealFlow | Cinema 4D is built on RealFlow’s Dyverso solver – so you get the best in fluid simulation, with an easy workflow.
/ d6 V* K+ \  l4 y! X• Simplified workflow. Forget about going back and forth between 3D platforms. You no longer have to worry about network dependencies, permissions, or IP issues.
5 I6 `+ z. B% Q' A/ C• Fully integrated toolkits. Now you can use native Cinema 4D modifiers and tools combined with RealFlow.$ B# a8 \; c1 t0 \- B0 s
• High speed simulations. RealFlow | Cinema 4D is GPU accelerated, supporting CUDA and OpenCL.4 R7 |( t6 q6 R5 N& }6 _

- k8 b- U- X+ m% x0 w6 f4 x. D# y: \7 H
System Requirements# I" i4 Q! T# V) ]
- Cinema 4D R15, R16 or R17 or R18 (64 bit only)
6 O+ T5 D8 a% }- [5 b% E6 l) }- Windows 7 or higher
$ g# l! E+ O& H& ^( a7 [- Intel or comparable main processor
; z7 R) B9 F+ {: f% |- 8 GB RAM
: m4 y. M7 X! w- 75 MB disk space for installation
7 n! U+ l- h. _& p6 X4 w- Network adapter and internet access for license activation6 |& H. C" j- w
- RealFlow | Cinema 4D supports GPU-based simulations and multi-core/multi-processor systems.: j6 H7 x( u! R, u
Since fluid simulations are computationally expensive and allocate large amounts of disk space we recommend Intel i7 or Xeon systems (or comparable), 16 GB RAM (or more) and a 512 GB hard disk drive/SDD.7 K: h  N* _& ~5 F0 }8 x" d6 D
Cinema 4D R18
+ L1 u# [1 w  K0 @We are aware of the upcoming R18 release of Cinema 4D, but we cannot say anything about compatibility with RealFlow | Cinema 4D at the moment. We have to test our code against the new SDK and this will take some time, but we are very confident to have a working plugin when R18 will be available in September.
* g1 M* P' S' z6 r3 g2 c" D/ D) H6 t: j9 E& B0 @$ U4 M0 o
6 g  ]4 c' |- G( [9 V4 y

$ K% G+ m2 s; x0 H1 V% B8 c  ^7 H2 n  G; G8 A
, q# B! e$ i, {6 c" o" k' NNext Limit RealFlow Cinema 4D
" W# I9 U( U- K* E( W$ INext Limit RealFlow Cinema 4D
/ b- d; `0 Y7 {* U+ |( d# T
" P  H+ r, I) Z3 |9 B( u9 sNext Limit RealFlow Cinema 4D v1.0.1_0095_x86_64.zip8 j9 Y7 k( q6 s$ P
Next Limit RealFlow Cinema 4D! _5 O% G2 R3 ]; |0 D. ]* P

( t4 n2 H! J/ d! Q
1 b' u( T$ N7 _/ n" D& t9 G% j$ p
( ?: b& @/ k$ C. x# \# Y6 b  W$ \* r, D8 i$ _/ `) w! K
Next Limit RealFlow Cinema 4D C2 K' y/ x. M- v$ h% M
Next Limit RealFlow Cinema 4D
9 l% r; W/ |0 o% ?& E% v




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