Frutty Loops Studio 11.5.15 Producer Edition

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Release Name: Frutty Loops Studio 11.5.15
, D; @0 j( U. j8 S& TProgram Type: Music Production
/ Z8 X  u4 n5 g: @+ TRelease Date: September 2014
7 Q7 ]. j& i9 Y! X+ N2 H4 WHomepage:
6 M% _5 f/ v% F. DLanguage: English
* T' d' l4 c) ^Platform: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista (32 & 64 bit)
; O; g8 W& C. s1 l9 EFile Size: 231 MB
. E+ O( t' H2 y7 D7 }/ V7 C
! H) H( h0 n8 U* sFL Studio - a complete solution for creating music, is the quintessential version of the twelve thoughtful development. All to create tracks in one package. FL Studio 10 is the fastest way to realize the ideas. What can FL Studio 10? Audio processing including editing pitch, harmonize, fit material to the song tempo, the definition of bits and advanced audio system cuts. Automation interface of most plug-ins and all the parameters by writing, drawing automation curves, automation generators use. FL can be controlled from another DAW, as VST, or connected by ReWire.
) A2 W: n+ z+ d8 Q
" r; Y0 k* {1 V0 l. LKey features Frutty Loops Studio:, X( K; L3 b. ]4 a/ d
- High-quality audio dvizhek for high quality professional sound
$ `9 t7 w- {! a- Sophisticated interpolation algorithms during playback in real time and during rendering
) y3 J' N' R) L( \; k8 ?- Support for sound card DirectSound and ASIO
+ `( D* G) I. b- Support for VSTi, DXi, VST, VST2, DirectX and the Buzz; k! z  Z9 l# {; ?  y$ f
- Ability to function as a VSTi, DXi and ReWire clients8 H- q! Q; `3 @
- Adoption of the party ReWire clients
# z" v" j, N- |' j4 Z5 A3 I8 p( L/ a% T8 l- Record audio, control movements and integrated automation events editor in real time
. o  Q: ]+ i& A5 D0 M% h) a' c1 N- Extended mixer with support for 68 lanes and use up to 8 effects per track( }" `: t9 q: ]/ h+ |
- Built-in parametric equalizer, volume and panning for each mixer track. a7 l& Q  F/ l6 d2 _# Z6 \& U* d
- Many built-in high-quality tools
. Z8 P* h$ r& E# y) Z2 o& q- Many built-in effects
2 D- h6 x  |9 r+ \- Advanced playlist and fully configurable audio-track( P9 T6 z/ r! s! a% u
- Import WAV, OGG, MP3, MID, REX, SYN (SimSynth 1 & 2), DS (DrumSynth), etc. as samples
* o' a. ^9 k- Z6 o: o$ {5 k- Exports to the 16-bit or 32-bit WAV, OGG or MP3 files
) R, a5 x7 X  O" d6 {0 b1 [- u! N8 c- And many other possibilities" C" s4 U  x" c, G& M! c0 C
- v2 N9 k  t9 t! \" ~% |1 ^
The main elements of FL Studio:
, L3 U- g5 Y2 U8 u' r  u: _& W- Step Sequencer allows you to quickly create and edit loops, adding new sound generators (channels) and delete unnecessary;' w6 e  d' X3 i' K1 f+ }  u
- Piano Roll is a two-dimensional grid, the vertical axis which postponed the level of the pitch, the horizontal - the time has more features than the step sequencer;( \5 e, [- I- R
- Playlist allows you to place created in Step Sequencer or Piano Roll loops, or have the sound files;
) u. Z8 K" Y0 q( W3 O8 B- Mixer puts the plugins and effects;: U, ~$ [, d8 ]: q7 m! s" R
- Sample Browser provides easy access to audio files, plugins and settings.: \+ a! A. k- h
! I9 L% U0 N% @
System requirements:
* T3 s6 x+ G6 E8 h: K3 G( c- Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8
* B5 A4 A! g8 `8 v. E9 [% d- 1GB of RAM or more; X  U( _' y$ ^  e
- 300MB of free hard disk space
0 y2 o2 p* M3 x: l" z- compatible sound card with DirectSound drivers
! T$ O) z3 _/ q5 }- `- required for recording ASIO drivers
! W) Z/ r" l* x$ k4 R1 h  A2 N
  z) {+ k! A0 j2 p& ~- eFL Studio 11.5.15 (beta)/ y1 n% m# `7 a+ w  r* Z4 |3 ]9 u
Thursday, March 12, 20154 S+ C, ]% {2 Z9 }

% V1 J, j1 ?) B2 DAdditions: * ^: @3 `  X) w; F+ S
Plugin scanner: can now use custom VST search paths: S% e- ~) h% G( ]" L
Plugin scanner: drag plugin from list to FL to open it- G/ b3 ]* P5 e
Plugin scanner: add or remove favorite plugin in FL
4 T8 z5 f# V3 |6 r& N0 v* S2 IPlugin scanner: shows previously scanned plugin on startup
/ {  a6 ^! ^1 q( L" j; D/ Z
5 g  O- w9 U" N* `( O2 a  m8 j
' ^. r* J7 V: }1 J1 mBugfixes:
- Y* F9 Z5 |+ j; _4 g0 ]3 LFixed generic links: e9 h( t5 j' I; Q
Fixed bug exporting split tracks
8 J) j* q3 F( J% g& T' u5 uFixed various 64bit bugs- w( m. j8 S& P$ }/ Z' j, f
Control Surface: fixed behaviour of button control
6 u5 ], h& `# \$ [8 _# JDrumSynth Live: fixed sound glitch when root key is changed
# g% Q4 K) }4 ]: ZEdison: fixed crash in limiter script (64bit)% a, a% W  ?5 p- O
FL ReWire: fixed several crashes
1 ?7 K# r% ~1 h( r, hFruity LSD: fixed playing notes from wrong midi port, G+ h2 t9 T( j  S8 f. _6 S
Patcher: fixed freeze when window is closed% l9 P" ^8 F. |  w0 D
Patcher: implemented key and mouse wheel support in plugin window( p9 |2 L2 }3 E; P0 ?$ p
Patcher: fixed update of automated parameter in Fruity Send
2 D/ k9 e1 W; p% h0 \3 YPatcher: fixed output names for VFX Color Mapper  g( A# Q7 H; D( o; w# n! z2 Q
Wrapper: "send mod x as poly aftertouch" is now off by default
, B' P& T1 C% u. N4 n9 ]; v; ~# l7 i/ r; l7 _8 K2 v4 r  M0 H
FL Studio 11.5.14 (beta)
" k# H3 Z4 N8 Y, m( O! b! WFriday, February 13, 2015+ z. W6 G6 t0 n# J
0 [# L% [% K% D: G
Additions:   {7 M3 v! v' h! n  ?
New impulse samples by SoundIron
5 {. n5 O$ B! I% c8 fUpdated Elastique stretching engine
0 ?! Z6 s7 L! K' Y: M* t* C9 HUI updates for some plugins
1 U1 J' d4 X: E8 e. UControl Surface: touch support
0 @5 V) T& U; s+ j; ]( ~7 {% \Control Surface: controls are freely sizeable& c$ {2 t( _1 B
Plugins are found by ID as well as by filename
( \3 c* [9 D2 u: z6 _  F7 n1 _) j
3 \( i) E/ y5 O! L# J
* S* H% t& I2 C; e0 iBugfixes:
, v4 g4 y; |* c9 g/ c. [Crash on load in Windows XP5 |6 L2 R' b  D: E( f0 ]
DW: crash loading song in 64bit2 P+ D0 Z& F  H8 i, b- C# b1 F
FPC: import from DW is faulty5 I8 k1 l. V" }$ v
FPC: access violation using "Save kit as presets"3 \' ]" E1 Q  E4 t; t9 c: r* e! X
FPC: doesn't load LudwigCS kit
9 L' M: r, U' y1 X' DLove Philter: freeze5 c& D3 `5 d4 F( I5 H9 u
Patcher: Control Surface editor disappears, c% P! ]# m, Z6 d" g) Q  B
Patcher: knob won't move after renaming it
9 b6 ^. H$ p" q( ^$ b* ?Patcher: knob disappears1 [4 U* B7 R* c! M* ~; X! n
Patcher: bugs in plugin window
3 j1 d# @. s+ ]+ F6 Z' iPatcher: record automation for plugin leads to wrong values& P: ]- ?# d+ X
Patcher: midi not sent correctly! V# S/ d. X& }6 m5 i) y0 l7 j5 D
Patcher: doesn't collect files from all plugins( v4 A6 o! |) j7 p8 [( M5 g
Patcher: plugin exported from Flowstone freezes
+ s5 S3 [5 f) [1 v5 bPlugin scanner: fixed VST search paths. S: v( [' c; @! ^3 c
Scratcher: freeze when mouse button is down and space is pressed' P+ ]) \! J, `9 p) s# `0 b
Speech synth: various fixes
, Q6 [0 A) s8 X  ~( _' H) z5 jSoundfont Player: freeze on close6 b1 g) v( W( y
Wrapper: plugin editors open in separate window
) u2 [9 Q6 X+ @* l% }% dWrapper: no sound with fixed size buffers
# F1 a3 p  m* ?0 |, K( NWrapper: VST3 plugins update wrong parameters& c9 D% C6 |( a) [  J
Wrapper: crash opening placeholder window for bridged plugins6 d; W2 J: ?+ F& L- e" @) Z
Wrapper: crash selecting presets in various NI plugins
7 F2 ?" P% Q( E; O  A6 b: GWrapper: preset change in Fruity Compressor doesn't update controls (64bit)
8 a# I4 x: Q; |- B. i! g, \6 c: PWrapper: GrooveAgent 4 VST3 crashes
$ B& B% z! i% h8 m9 F
& {* y& l. W/ N6 NFL Studio 11.5.13 (beta)& r9 V- d: ]6 j; f* w8 x
Saturday, January 17, 2015, U6 W6 ^# ^0 q3 U; f: y- i1 B# N
$ u8 N: Y4 F* [9 z  K: ?" a$ ~
Additions:   N5 b. ?- _& y: z1 k9 B
More scaled plugins
* z: E4 }* ~' ~/ T3 ~1 F$ {7 S9 p# l3 C4 d& e% [& u
FL Studio 11.5.13 (beta)  F! ^- Q& V  I
Friday, November 7, 20143 x8 T" I  v/ N( ?& \6 J: Q
9 B9 A9 l+ c4 D1 [- y- g% S& W# j
% R3 f6 D* @; h64bit version of FL Slayer
* e$ b  G9 Z5 I0 P+ z/ W4 xNew UI for lots of plugins
+ I2 J3 w( {' }0 ]+ O% Q$ cImproved threading$ d% [; h; L; C& u
2 q% Q# t6 j* m) l0 [+ M% Y
0 ?6 J4 k6 _* h( F3 {
Bugfixes: 6 l$ c; Q; s( `" c% @: B
Improved plugin bridge+ D$ u, i0 d, C+ m

$ Y- m1 n" |  A, l" rFL Studio 11.1.1
2 x5 E0 s/ I0 J: l, T6 i' nTuesday, September 2, 2014% G2 N1 }# p3 N6 N

3 W" Q: _6 d/ AAdditions: : N! E' v1 C# f
64bit version of speech engine
6 |* R. x6 w  R$ g9 mAdded support for Novation Launch Control XL, Launchkey (performance)# y$ q: r! ?+ R) N. _7 J8 Q% n
Added support for Nektar Impact series( \2 [1 ^, F3 j2 p+ C; x

3 T" Y4 N: {; C  H5 Q, |1 L* ?! O! w! Y; \; P9 A: s, {
Bugfixes: 3 Q; ?1 E/ s) |" [
Fixed filenames of samples used by "Dance with me" project  O2 a+ F5 _0 k% l
Fixed crash stretching big audio clips( |5 y4 x; Q* Y& n4 h; @" O
Fixed loading settings for some VST plugins (64bit)! g) Q' \  \& d: T
DirectWave: fixed bugs exporting to FLM .instr files' r5 v2 q2 l" H. ~9 M
DirectWave: fixed trigger group behaviour across programs0 W& F. [. J1 Z: L; ]' R/ l9 {$ ~+ Q: f
DirectWave: fixed temp folder usage when importing external formats
" }- Q/ @: X' C: k. \1 R% J  {9 ePatcher: fixed deletion of dropped files
" l0 R. {. D, S! H* \- w  J" Z* ?, WWrapper: fixed binary message data handling in VST3
; S: I3 Y: q" e/ r- P8 X" GWrapper: fixed crash of bridged Play VST plugin
! {3 v. i1 A8 V3 Z6 JWrapper: fixed volume of stereo to mono conversion; D9 I/ b2 x9 L1 d' r8 O$ G
Wrapper: fix loading 32bit VST plugins
' P- z% K4 R8 @: x  jWave Candy: fixed crash when using some metering modes: E) F' r) q, p- }
Wave Traveller: fixed loading settings (64bit)
. W) |9 g8 I( T6 X9 q: M8 z! iZGameEditor Visualizer: fixed visual issue + other minor bugs
/ g/ {1 U. ]% }6 P4 R, V( ?8 a- ZUpdated BassDrum, Drumaxx, DrumPad, Effector, GMS, Hardcore, MiniSynth, Pitcher, PoiZone, Sakura, Sawer and Toxic Biohazard
5 t0 w9 i) A# M! qUpdated FlowStone/SynthMaker to version 3.0.5
* S) ~9 E' I+ ]! v  T- `& x: J2 c1 f& l+ ~6 p9 U
FL Studio 11.1 x64
$ D8 U& h+ [8 y$ r8 v" QMonday, July 14, 2014/ w7 W& C4 r! v  b: g1 u

' x+ ^. @4 [+ N3 I( `7 c! hAdditions:
: s# a) A3 V* p5 C64bit version of FL and most plugins
/ ~0 B! q' S+ R; o
/ r, u' w7 ^( d! I3 M# N
( O* t* d6 r. [) e' X0 vBugfixes:
: X& N" x" C% k  |' g, @; @5 aDashboard: fixed range issues for selector controls
$ I% J; N9 d4 T/ u3 S4 o; a% `$ \DW: added "Create program from samples" menu option$ [2 p% I- e* \1 j, s7 h$ {! Q
FL VSTi: fixed bug sending midi events to host
2 }7 D; M4 ^. W$ c+ LPatcher: fixed crash loading plugin when using a lot of memory
: W* p( R% [' t. lWrapper: plugin state is remembered even when plugin couldn't be loaded
. Q4 Y- N( L$ {1 K7 T) C# pWrapper: fixed stuck "ilbridge.exe" instances in Task Manager
$ U8 n1 m1 y% ^8 r1 v9 H# {8 \% N- l: C: y) H5 K
FL Studio 11.1
3 z4 l& t8 {0 f( k& P/ i+ WTuesday, March 25, 20142 P. A( W. ~) C# F

1 ?; S3 R) u/ c1 N) @  u* lAdditions:
5 F* l, S$ e$ e, H% x! gMiniSynth generator plugin
+ |( Z9 N3 w# ^Agnivesh demo song updated
# O' `3 l: a; g9 _new "Repeater" Gross Beat preset
( b, k' L4 C3 ~$ Tupdated Launchpad support
2 B; w$ l8 N  Gimports FLM zip files directly now8 K. l0 a$ h! R# e
FLM project import updated for FLM v2.47 K+ X$ |5 D/ r, s, A. `1 G

! E. O4 f# p6 C# x; \* {* M- S0 V  O# F/ L' u
3 j8 N$ Q6 r8 }) rfixed crash moving mixer tracks
! x( b' f% g! y# O' r& y& b( u1 Yfixed detached window focus problem& d4 {3 u0 Y# p; L: ~" p$ W
fixed quantize bug
1 C- l6 {% A  W; s' m8 n; tConvolver: fixed freezing bug
* D* v0 G# x2 b) w, m6 \DW: fixed saving of current zone / global switch
4 I9 Y2 O! g. j. Y3 RDW: fixed dropping samples on zone list7 ~: ?4 i5 b; G& C8 n
DW: disable "delete zones" menu item when no zones are selected- t# m- Y% T$ P3 u; J5 @
DW: fixed loading some 20 and 24 bit samples% N' V! g- p7 k( n' k
Flowstone: fixed crash on right-click of "wireless" modules2 @$ U* W4 D2 H$ U. r6 @( C
Flowstone: drag .fsm to plugin title bar to load it now works
# j- F4 O( ?& ^2 }Flowstone: use custom path to export FL plugin now works( @1 j1 R, ?* i9 a7 ~
Flowstone: swap links command works correctly9 U8 b' j0 I, M; H  A3 V/ k, |* \. p
Flowstone: no longer empty after reload of FL project
4 ^* T" Y/ r* _/ x8 V: f! [# \Flowstone: now has midi output node in Patcher6 Q7 E1 i0 x# o2 _4 x4 q8 |
FPC: updated presets
- k8 W2 f! t# O3 eNewtone: fixed crash while playing a sample and resizing it time warp mode 8 o! w/ a9 w5 V6 q- ]
Patcher: fixed crash loading plugins
+ t1 ?; |% V7 u( G$ FWrapper: fixed UI glitch loading preset with options window visible for some plugins" j" W$ V( K5 l# {
Wrapper: changes to the way some editors are handled
: V7 f- v1 t1 k, R( \Wrapper: fixed CC parameter event values for a bridged plugins when loading song
3 \& `) D4 q% d" i. l3 j7 p, h4 FDrumaxx, GMS, PoiZone, Sakura, Sawer, Toxic Biohazard: bugfixes and updates
2 y$ ~8 ?- X' ?$ _; n0 R9 S4 i
9 {. P' B  l  H! p0 g! B, HFL Studio 11.0.43 }- N7 z2 F3 r0 i8 _5 T
Monday, November 25, 2013: m* v9 B3 R" F- f
8 {6 y: o' u5 e& I: T
& K! x" Q! V" K) c1 nAdded several supported controllers
4 }% s% c' B' H- CUpdated "Sacco - Goldener Schnitt.flp"
& e9 p, Z2 m  q5 k9 X2 H1 @3 e/ l$ VIL Remote support: F( O7 f' _) r' |
Novation Launch Control support  Q7 Q$ I: N( [9 a5 c* U
DJ TechTools Midi Fighter 3D support
: b& T9 o" G" c+ |Electrix Tweaker support, Q- ^/ \, J$ P- o
Livid CNTRL-R support. F+ r1 v8 [, p3 X! X
Livid BASE support& a$ f4 c2 s7 X7 \. a( q2 f- I$ j

$ v4 z1 ^* H# L- ?; C/ |" B. nBugfixes:
6 I; n7 g) c/ h& ^: I! K" {Fixed creation of extra row when starting to drag main toolbar
& p9 U" e7 l- R$ W1 UFixed string comparison in browser for unicode characters
( b+ Q# A- k2 R: A2 b3 _Fixes in controller support
5 u; N6 M' H4 v, g; I+ X5 wFixed loading some data from FL Studio Mobile projects/ Z6 x' n/ T# X3 i/ k! o2 ^
Control Surface: fixed oversized sliders after saving and loading a preset or song7 _% c/ @; v2 w8 L; i  a0 E
Control Surface: fixed label width when loading settings* \7 E+ I9 f) _7 W  [+ a
DrumSynth Live: fixed saving of "auto" option6 F; H2 w! I0 @: K- X
Edison: fixed drag/drop to FL browser  D  l. x% n) N) @7 E- W
FPC: fixed import of newer DW programs
' g% {+ i1 {; v; h: RHarmor: fixed crash moving points in envelope
$ F8 ?* w$ L- I. i! z8 qNewtone: fixed wav save bug (only 1-1.5 seconds exported)/ w6 h" a% G, O& \
Newtone: updated engine (bugfixes, works more like FL playlist)
: V. Q# D$ f- e9 ?Newtone: move around with arrow keys
# y( X1 j; j- S: bNewtone: fixed bug restoring some settings$ x+ u5 b1 k4 L, c+ j
Patcher: fixed incorrect gui size showing plugin editors after loading old settings' q+ R# g4 n! c
Patcher: removed "notes" node from FL input module in effect version
, z9 V5 \! {) _3 i8 i$ GPatcher: fixed handling of midi note on/off for effect plugins( L$ \, ^6 p9 K$ I. h, t( \- ~" b
Patcher: fixed next/prev preset buttons not showing for some plugins! f$ X) c) \' v/ J9 s3 r5 ~
Patcher: fixed loading of SimSynth in saved songs/presets$ R" I) ~+ w1 t, g( [! d4 E
Patcher: fixed samplerate related problem with Synth1 presets
$ K) L' c  e2 \$ j) BReWired: fixed bug hiding plugin editor& F& E! t( F/ m, ^, O  V
ReWired: fix for device enumeration: J; |5 b1 S* Z& P( d6 p3 Z
Wave Traveller: fixed invisible editor bug the first time it's shown in Patcher+ M! x$ ?% S) |. s
Wrapper: fixed keyboard input in some VST3 plugins
) f* A% W- F# u2 o9 W% K2 l5 GWrapper: added context menu support for (some) VST 3.5 plugins
1 |& w0 s0 Z+ YWrapper: fixed crash with MeldaProduction MCompressor param changes (VST3)
; A- M! `( Q7 m1 T0 DWrapper: fixed potential memory leak for VST3 plugins
8 P  `& z! r7 A; ?0 |% x% uWrapper: improved forwarding keyboard messages from plugin to host (VST2)
9 K) r! Z& a! u2 E9 ^' Q( JWrapper: fixed bug updating parameter display for interfaceless editors (VST2)
" {0 W2 \( q7 E' d2 A. y3 p8 x) e5 q9 p" Y) J
FL Studio 11.0.3  I' |$ v+ q3 @, f( y
Tuesday, August 20, 2013# ]& d6 k  v9 H- E3 S* C  S) E

- j2 G2 O+ B0 b! w, x5 D" V. _0 zAdditions:
% H4 Z" }" [& i! K7 n& v/ f$ M( QReWired: added CC parameters" c: L4 \& R7 P- `4 W
New CoolStuff demo songs: "RadioactiveSandwich - Homunculus", "Fuego96 - SayWhat", "Fuego96 - TimeFlies"' H" \3 Z8 p; m' V8 t$ T
0 p% }7 v$ |0 I4 e1 Z1 U" a* Z
( I7 ?2 H7 ~) i# \: xFixed color change of "remove conflicts" label when linking conflicting controllers ; X7 u* i4 f, \# i/ Q' m* v
Fixed "next by char" in browser* g7 [& b: y- N
Fixed running FL as other user than the one it was installed as$ u- Y0 X7 |2 \4 x+ t/ ?  C; g
Updated url used by "Register access to website" Help menu item
. V$ H9 q5 d# |2 r- V6 g# QRe-implemented installation of ogg vorbis codec for both 32bit and 64bit
" S% |# r, _: q$ W- U! ASmall fix in event editor # I7 m; Q5 J3 d4 J
Most templates now have 'Play truncated notes in clips' on1 `: e* E7 g  E, [9 ~6 i& [
Fixed freeze changing samplerate with NI ASIO driver4 x7 I$ D1 `6 n8 @* d( h' J  I
Harmor: fixed bug related to ribbon saturation.
8 _! x! f9 L, s0 i" _: E5 _! {2 Z-> IMPORTANT: the sound will be different now if you use ribbon saturation!
6 G6 _! U! _4 ?/ T3 N8 uWrapper: fixed access violation loading WaveShellVST in Patcher0 M  e% c/ c) J" X) W+ Z
Wrapper: fixed bug loading bridged plugins from FL10 as bridged7 W- p$ K3 E' ?
Fixed crash after deleting a second instance for these plugins: Convolver, Granulizer, Edison, Fruity Slicer, Harmor and Slicex
4 H- P0 i5 N2 p1 b) {' u) g4 BNewtone: jump to last start position upon stop8 ?) p9 r, W7 e& C- r& c" b
Newtone: disappearing selected regions when zooming out fixed, U! y& h' d- b/ [
Newtone: changed glue mode to ALT
6 m& `# B  x7 V: d6 L" Q1 h5 B* `Newtone: new Snap Downbeat command (warp mode only). Q' e3 h7 {' L, T  h
Newtone: lowered precision of tempo display in wave properties window
2 N2 G5 Q; s4 u2 o& ~, R2 j) ~FPC: random trigger option is now saved in pad preset
& A" D& E. W: @) rFPC: fixed 'save all samples'/ L- }/ {9 C) c; c
FPC: fixed plugin database preset4 X' w0 }$ B( C* q: g! d; h
Video Player: fixed visibility of start and end handles$ I! e4 v6 D& x/ \9 [2 V2 f3 C
Video Player: fixed video position when starting from random position in playlist
# A; L5 q# S& t% [1 NReWired, FL ReWire: fixed location that ReWire dll is loaded from
: u1 F# k, u5 ^' B: P8 v2 D( ZDrumSynth Live: fixed default patch indication in key popup menu
+ A& V( J/ K' y! VWave Traveller: improvements in Windows XP compatibility
  q+ H, K3 m5 }7 T6 FPatcher: don't show module connection popup if all items are disabled
; T5 W' p+ |% B0 oPatcher: fixed label position jitter, X* Q" ~2 x- `2 z: c- b) V1 T
Patcher: fixed loading VST3 effect plugin from favorite list
/ G  k& }. d: F$ BPatcher: fixed latency label positions% w8 c" x/ ~- m6 G6 z
Patcher: fixed song position for plugins after relocating to random position
! C! V$ ?4 N# j% h! }& r* n2 L. u% ZControl Surface: fixed import of old floating point values
" }; Z; I9 S- d) f% w7 M# ^3 vControl Surface: fixed slider size when pasting colors
$ \* x% C$ z' J, m  T% j- ZControl Surface: fixed control position when loading settings (mostly XY) ) h8 a6 B$ ]8 [5 M" F
DirectWave: fixed export of 16bit int sample to FLM .instr file
1 ]' J. A) d; ^; v9 w' i4 xDirectWave: fixed import of sustain loop from FLM .instr file* L7 T# U: \4 \' k' M
DirectWave: now sets multitimbral flag in exported FLM .instr file
( N& R6 A, J( a! s- w) ~& L$ uGMS: fixed Dirty Horse TE preset
' p0 y6 L, m0 G1 d3 g, ~: ODrumaxx: fixed freeze at 100% when rendering
0 H) B0 U* I  x* u' s& d4 N4 b1 H7 ]5 k: a# [8 @
FL Studio 11.0.2
( U  h( K3 ^; {8 ?3 h1 J1 O4 L- aTuesday, May 21, 2013
4 a4 Q- E# |6 R0 @$ P$ _" A! m
& q* h- v# {! i0 o( ?  V; H+ l  XAdditions: & ^  y' T; g4 j; S+ K: z6 R
Support for Livid OhmRGB.
0 [% K: ^. y- ~Support for Behringer CMD LC-1
* c& H5 T1 u8 L& _& M; U* ^# U- ~  W& A* y
) Z1 C( ^4 N" ^2 s" AFixed hint for time stretch wheel (low values)
! w" u6 ^) }+ E+ iFixed slow rendering bugs. T% J/ e2 Y0 e( l# ^
Fixed PPQ change bug' G" h. P$ q  _0 X) }9 a" N
Remembers the state of the PR random tool's "patterns" checkbox: M- u8 D9 y  C
Fixed channel settings window showing up when loading projects# D  w/ m! e" E1 l9 i! R* Z0 R
Patcher: fixed editor focus on double-click
8 _9 q2 y$ K# mPatcher: connection settings are now when an effect is dropped on a connection
3 T8 W# v/ r" }* k) U- {Patcher: fixed request by plugin to load sample0 _9 v4 y* g5 e1 v4 [  l
DW 1.5.4: fixed import of FLM .instr files
- A" W; w2 ~0 PNewtone: fixed passing strings with "foreign" characters to the engine( i. o1 l9 p3 R1 J. c% D( g2 o
Newtone: fixed zooming modifiers (alt+scroll wheel)
$ D/ f: W0 c6 I/ I* cNewtone: show param value popup when multiple items are selected
1 J& j8 Y- A8 i1 YNewtone: new "Use beat marks" option for warp mode
2 v' E' K1 P8 J; jNewtone: save .zpa and .zpw files to zipped loops
0 [+ l% d: y3 ?/ YWrapper: fixed relative knob behaviour for bridged plugins1 d( ~) m2 z/ J* d/ G0 _3 R7 T2 Z
Wrapper: fixed loading multiple instances of Waves VST34 C# i- ?+ R: x$ k2 A
Vocodex: fixed loading state of threaded checkbox
$ a, h& U+ Z3 e; U7 L8 k4 C$ W! aEQUO: fixed restoring state of Morph knob& M( _2 g; \, ^0 j: t, d8 d4 W! f
Drumaxx: fixed changing assigned note for pads; H; Y, P( m# C  w
BassDrum and GMS: various bug fixes. N6 ^5 R, ~: ~$ v% ?9 b0 I
ZGEViz: updated/added some presets1 \4 w. O( b% }( l6 t
Wave Traveller: fixed crash when loading a sample
$ u1 i2 _2 q( X6 AUpdated NewStuff & Zircon-Just hold on
# y" H- {, F: E5 \; y
* ]9 {! G) E/ ?FL Studio 11.0.12 h3 }/ N- M$ W
Monday, May 6, 2013
( w8 z. _: b# _: D2 b, |* G* j
/ c3 v0 ?' z/ H1 h6 C$ E2 ~Bugfixes:
7 k3 r. N! H+ B: kBugfixes in pianoroll and playlist  g; A' t% q" F' @- {+ }# ?
Change to sysex for Panorama device
6 m  \% D( F6 L: H$ b7 aPatcher: fixed bug loading old VST plugin settings
. w! O7 X$ ~/ D4 [Patcher: fixed bug adding (sub) Patcher preset with open surface tab5 p, J1 A( X$ w2 n" N) O5 X
Control Surface: fixed loading back links to controllers in FL
- k9 b) ]; v' o& oControl Surface: fixed response to automation from other internal controller. _" Y& a+ m+ z0 c
Control Surface: fixed reporting XY control changes to host4 x2 V/ q0 \5 L( E% k
Control Surface: fixed slider handle size when pasting colors
4 z6 N6 b/ Y7 e+ ]8 KControl Surface: fixed saving/loading XY color
/ j' D: P6 o5 J' w+ ~$ FControl Surface: fixed adjusting slider properties to slider size- z8 Y5 w/ q: L7 B
Fixes to Seamless songs
3 U' }' B4 x' o1 f6 f, wWrapper: fixed plugin bridge0 ^- Y2 U# f$ R+ v2 A; V
GMS: fixed various crashing bugs
0 q% K- t2 H  w" z) t0 M6 \  i3 a/ zEffector: small fix$ Y& Y8 x& C, L* N7 {1 v! h) @
Fix to Akai APC support
2 Z% o8 q; Z' B* G2 [1 T$ t9 l6 l3 `9 Q
: z% ?* Z! F$ Z: D4 j- d. B' ^1 h6 t* A$ K+ A( S
FL Studio 11.0.0
7 I7 h$ Z# b, @4 q- o8 |% M- R, CMonday, April 22, 2013
: T9 w1 P$ S8 z9 x
8 z! z5 L8 s+ \  sBugfixes:
: y8 o! l* {8 }& uWrapper: small bugfixes.
* B5 K- v, V/ u3 J2 I( O9 Y% oFruity X-Y controller: fixed joystick names.
0 A" z- b4 G2 Z! J4 f0 @( _3 ^1 t
6 e. e" p8 I; O( oUpdated Patcher.
% \( J% {1 X- e" g* u; i7 kNew Control Surface plugin.
. ]5 p( f; }* H5 y" U, tDrumpad presets added.
, C2 H2 @' b+ O1 |6 D4 o$ _# \Updated Synthmaker/Flowstone$ k6 o1 T2 |" _5 Q

" l! {. M' T" l4 V% JPlease also check the bugfixes and additions from the FL Studio 10 beta versions' D, R" ?: ]& z) ?" c
for a full overview of the changes in FL Studio 11.
$ R! y4 s  X: v* `& c/ O9 T" N, P
" `9 L4 L6 L) B: {5 q) h9 y, }) x+ G

. L9 b; E& n; l4 ?+ a  k9 r: b# {+ j* }- a" e

( {, J& i9 i* v: ^6 SDownload:
7 B6 M% Z: S1 ?  E) H: w




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