Canopus Xplode Pro 4.60 for Edius 5.xx & 4.xx

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Program Name: Canopus Xplode Pro 4.60
& S1 O/ o$ i, S7 e. D6 p$ OProgram Type: video effects; J9 l! s1 W2 C/ g0 A
Release Date: 2009
  E5 \! G* \5 F3 j& t: ~Interface Language: English
# K" M$ [' X1 f+ m$ ^$ ^; {* wPlatform: Edius 5.x/4.x (Win32 & Win64)- x% y8 D) ^! c: n7 p
File Size: 371Mb8 D/ \" g4 S% Z/ E

8 l* o7 b4 F# rXplode - This is a package of 2D and 3D video effects to Edius. After installing the program there are tools for imposing animated 2D and 3D transitions, as well as other modules to create effects. This package is optimized for installation in Edius 5.12, but despite this, he is just as easy to get on an earlier version Edius (4.x, 5.x)8 M& v4 l8 B& S. z2 V, w

6 r0 U' C1 t: s, s- yXplode is an advanced 2D & 3D video effects package providing professional editors with powerful creativity tools to produce stunning quality video content. With hundreds of customisable effects, transitions and an intuitive interface, creating custom effects is a snap. Xplode is a must-have for today’s professional video editor.  s, _+ n7 V6 K) W9 y; P

9 O4 {, L/ J5 u* I" o( mCompatible with all capture cards including OHCI and designed to work with today’s popular Non Linear Editing software programs, this amazingly simple to use package takes 3D transition editing to the next level.
$ h  `8 `% o7 S- N- {9 d+ U8 j
$ I( E8 _- X% m3 a8 O3 g: OThose who believe that time is important yet don't want to sacrifice the quality of their output will fully appreciate the Xplode package. Other 3D effect packages offer complicated feature sets and high learning-curve interfaces. Xplode not only addresses this but also gives the 3D effect editing process a brand new look and feel that will have editors reaching for the Xplode package every time they want to make that special impact effect.
# c0 t7 z: w& u0 v. W
; v1 ]- W0 n- `! G; l+ l* R, J- P1 s+ h- B/ J
$ i4 U6 m4 l% o# j
Download:1 @% [( e5 v# X, ~
Canopus Xplode Pro 4.60 for Edius 5.xx & 4.xx.rar
: I! P1 a4 E, F' K( j8 \




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