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Program Name: AEscripts BeatEdit
/ F# D$ L  e" J- yProgram Type: Video Plusin
6 T/ \* ?" M+ ~: p- ]% S7 lDeveloper: AEscripts
7 `# X4 J* v8 j/ e7 mRelease Date: Oct 11, 20217 _6 `. S6 R! _6 E- G
Homepage: https://aescripts.com/beatedit-bundle/
4 V- p% P0 n0 }  j. S6 w) c9 \# ALanguage: Multilingual- Y% B5 j# s  ]2 P9 p3 @" b# T
Platform: 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3
: `9 P' s/ d1 j& {  u% y/ W+ z7 hFile Size : 6.88 GB
- P/ T( ^9 t; S# g0 ?: m! _# o1 k4 q% i
9 i' g! x& w+ w4 nrobust, state of the art beat detection, o" I% F" c7 V# s1 H  g$ B; c) u
create sequence markers or clip markers# Y$ e3 H) V( V) r/ G% O8 |! H
compatible with the Automate to Sequence function in Premiere Pro
) h9 z& ?8 D" @6 b- T4 Zeasy beat selection: {# Q6 ^' |- }+ n, E
detect only beats or also other "rhythmically relevant" peaks for more variation
$ [+ v( N# [* H/ i4 cbatch manipulation of markers (create, move, delete)3 S1 E. X- v4 @
7 X9 ^. r# `) _, ?% ~# w
Edit in sync with Music% y3 P# N( G: L, A
Editing in sync with music has never been easier. BeatEdit detects the beats of your music and represents them as markers in the Premiere Pro timeline.

4 W. Z; K( o* K7 j1 iAuto-Create Slideshows and Rough Cuts that change to the Beat& m7 F& C' |- m

. p, M! u  H$ [6 U! @2 \  }+ T: I. B
Use the beat information to generate fully automatic edits in sync with the music. If you need more control, the beat markers can also be used as guides in your manual editing process. What's more, the automatic edits can be easily tweaked in the timeline.

: C8 U1 J7 o3 k* ?+ V4 J" hFull Control: e$ _, ^1 q2 s$ R# D
BeatEdit offers detailed controls to select the beats you want to work with. You can subdivide beats to create faster patterns, and select beats very easily. To create more variation, BeatEdit can also create extra markers at locations that are no beats but other rythmically relevant peaks of the music.

7 H' u: T2 ^* f) w
3 X9 J( K2 I0 h! S9 jNew in V2
, O" Q" E. @. |* S! b% C# Yload music directly from the Premiere Pro Sequence* \  o7 \2 p2 p" ~% w+ h
move markers tool
" T4 R! y& l" G% Wbeat info panel (see bpm, number of selected beats and more)) D) n% T+ C% X& h$ j! S" n  x5 o
work area support (create, move or delete markers only within the workarea)3 y/ V" b% q! i" e
new user interface with resizable sections- V5 }. E- ?. R- W3 M9 r9 x' B8 g
support for Adobe Premiere Pro 13.1.5 (CC 2019) and newer
# r8 |. W0 o) `& ubeat at the very beginning of the song is detected properly
8 P7 k, t& u7 K2 e0 }2 ?performance improvements & bug fixes
( L* }/ p  t( `, f% u& ?+ g- b. T4 N. N9 V3 x: ?  Q! V
Robust Beat Tracking Technology
BeatEdit relies on highly robust beat tracking technologies developed by music research groups around the globe. The beat tracker used (IBT) is developed by the Sound and Music Computing Group at the INESC University of Porto. BeatEdit also relies on the MARSYAS (Music Analysis, Retrieval and Synthesis for Audio Signals) framework developed under the direction of George Tzanetakis, Associate Professor at the University of Victoria.
- B3 U6 u7 v* z4 j# e7 G
BeatEdit only works with audio files (wav, mp3). It cannot load audio from video clips and also does not take into account any effects or modifications - like rate stretching - that you applied to your audio in the timeline. If you need to work with rate-stretched audio or audio tracks of video files, you need to export them to a wav file before importing them into BeatEdit.
, x% |1 Q7 n1 Q) o# E7 s  V. ?; G$ t9 D
VERSION HISTORY9 A. K/ T8 M3 V2 {* U" l! [
2.1.007  (Current version)  -  Oct 11, 20214 c  Q6 W# s/ O* b2 O
Fixed issue with "cannot convert" error message.+ z4 K2 q1 F4 H+ c" b
2.1.004  -  May 10, 2021
% v* Q5 o3 S3 ^3 h5 ~! m! @- added support for aac audio files' w( d$ |' W. Z9 `# Z2 a
2.1.003  -  Apr 19, 2021
2 B' ^- X  w  p5 R6 C4 g- new quantization feature for improved beat detection3 Q3 V3 [1 @8 g: K: t  _* ]0 K& V7 m
- fixed copy/paste issues
1 e( z7 }4 q& I9 q. T6 K" T2.0.006  -  Jul 11, 20206 ]  G. j' f$ S' |/ v# D
- added workaround for slowness on CC2020's new world scripting engine
( B) s& c' p( p! ]2 E) s6 b2.0.004  -  May 25, 2020' {2 b3 [. F* X" `  Z& Z" {- I
- fixed issues with creating clip markers when some markers already exist9 W$ _. D- d, ~" E2 `( b1 X
2.0.003  -  Sep 26, 20192 t9 F* V5 ?: A
- load music directly from the Premiere Pro Sequence
" Y" D/ M, a# I" amove markers tool
1 U7 x* q3 V2 [! ?" A; r* u! F, ~/ y- beat info panel (see bpm, number of selected beats and more)  |! p" ?2 ?# U- ^7 q
- work area support (create, move or delete markers only within the workarea)
! u- V( y/ N% M! J- new user interface with resizable sections
' L  F- _9 {4 |' ^4 {" P- S. Rsupport for Adobe Premiere Pro 13.1.5 (CC 2019) and newer0 X! S/ l" o1 g+ y+ r" f1 s! j7 n% e
- beat at the very beginning of the song is detected properly, c7 T2 R! m& f
performance improvements & bug fixes
8 M6 y  e! b4 p+ S- B+ j% ]" c, E4 z6 ^& D
0 p6 V$ {: z5 h; f: T0 F4 H

& n1 E9 y) @+ Z
4 R1 C9 I6 f/ O- p0 X+ K2 ?8 g9 V9 Q' x3 a4 h! T9 A7 m" k3 D0 D
DOWNLOAD:  _) x: d; |3 e+ Y5 M% F
https://aescripts.com/downloadable/download/sample/sample_id/728/0 i" @: P( m) `$ f3 f
- R1 v8 r5 k( d2 e  K; w
AE BeatEdit 2.0.005.zip 3 i1 A. [* L6 E
BeatEditPr_v2.1.003.zxp " g1 c3 A$ p+ K) ?7 j
PR BeatEdit 2.0.006.zip* L6 j+ i( T0 e8 ~4 P* f7 g
1 p7 b2 u( X. Z: h5 f7 S

, U$ M& U9 g4 J2 [
; O) R, ?: ~9 r1 S; j (访问密码:702844)4 b. i$ c+ s3 k3 A& H/ ?

; `" ^2 J0 m1 r% j% d  z( r+ U: v
& P; G$ c$ u& Z; C2 D


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