[Boris] Boris FX Sapphire Plug-ins for Adobe / OFX 2022.02

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Release Name: GenArts Sapphire Plug-ins 2022
. o* j3 m% h) K& @. CProgram Type: Video FX, Plug-in
9 |! U# E% P! [Release Date: Mar 15, 20162 q$ ]: y% z! P4 K/ G- g& B
Homepage: https://borisfx.com/downloads/?product=Sapphire5 _( ]# S$ C$ p- Z
Interface Language: English5 g$ C2 s3 M' E0 v. x( ?
Requirements: Win64 / After Effects, Premiere Pro CS6-CC2015
, G2 l* f+ n8 b( h" ^0 pFile Size: 506.09 MB
2 B) i- A( @8 ]+ ]! N- L* M& j! l0 w# u1 }) F9 Q- ]; ^; t
Boris FX Sapphire gives you access to the broadest selection of true Hollywood-grade effects so you can work in a completely different way. Accurate color grading allows you to work well with effects that involve experimenting with lighting and brightness. In addition, Sapphire has over 3,000 different compositional collections designed by the world's best specialists.
7 j7 @: J$ X$ {7 R! \
) ~. ~9 {1 R6 [5 @Boris fx sapphire
/ ~8 r! p' O: J, Z2 F7 |8 y0 USapphire is ideal for creative enthusiasts and professionals alike. You can streamline workflows, increase productivity and achieve a completely new visual experience for your projects. Enjoy over 250 stylish effects and transitions. Thanks to a very easy-to-use software interface, working with effects and transitions will be a fun game that everyone can handle.
6 U# w- R. n0 P: E. ^, X' w# |: E+ h3 ^7 N
Best Lighting Effects
* N2 \$ Z& S5 DSapphire gives you access to Glow, Glare and Glint functions, as well as effects of light diffusion, flashes and more, based on professional lighting algorithms.# S2 k0 {) K. Y3 ]- r$ R; |! z

8 G8 Y' z8 o, H8 l+ u/ \Wide range of presets
* \  r4 F6 \# w2 L7 |5 r, G7 CYou can choose one of 3000 presets created by the best professionals without wasting time. At the same time, we constantly supplement the collection with new materials, so that you will never have problems with new fresh ideas.* M! P# R/ j- S7 P) a: T+ W

3 I: |- [8 L* w+ m4 G- _The intensity' j, e, b% X, T8 n
is widely used in Hollywood Sapphire Glow effect allows both slightly modify existing lighting and dramatically change the entire composition of light.& u4 E9 I9 o8 `' y5 Q& m

5 h+ L7 X0 _0 p2 Q, LHollywood Effect
. M. g8 J; y5 r  n5 E8 B) O, OThis Sapphire effect was originally used to recreate 35mm footage on modern devices. Now it can be used, among other things, for full-fledged work with colors. Sapphire's Cinematic Effect can be adjusted in a very wide range, with extreme precision, making it possible to work with color at the level of the world's best professionals.
+ M6 k6 }. W8 J9 `
: @! I/ o3 E- L3 D/ c: G2 ]Vibration. B/ v" q) r  G1 w; {- u
This is one of the most popular Sapphire effects. With its help, you will be able to both recreate minor tremors of the picture, typical for amateur video filming, and realize real earthquakes.. V# a8 m4 e+ R; l. S# ~

8 K, c9 n$ ]+ T* h! k" ELens Reflection
& r8 w- `9 P7 O6 x* u0 ]" B. }The lens flare effect produces the lens flare and light reflections that are common in photography.6 S# C+ a4 H; Y7 T3 B

$ d1 b% [8 U% m' R2 VVignette* q" w- J7 O+ [: `4 _" ^( U1 Y' X) I6 s
Vignette is one of the oldest, classic effects. When working with it, you can add the same effect to the general video sequence several times with just one click of the mouse, without having to waste time on unnecessary repetitive actions.8 A3 ]8 K1 C7 U+ i7 Q- t5 K

* P9 s% `" L! k- kSystem requirements:% y6 q: |! Y; E! [9 }3 X3 G+ L
Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit) or Windows 10 (64-bit)
, `( A6 l# M( uAdobe After Effects 2015-2020$ w* b6 O, r# c9 X7 G' O
Adobe Premiere Pro 2015-2020
1 G2 r. m2 ]' L# b6 O$ G0 b% QAvid Media Composer' O% W) L! \4 v- c
Autodesk Flame
9 ~6 I8 h- l9 mFOUNDRY Nuke
9 b3 E2 ~  o9 ^. @: f' iBlackmagic Resolve and Fusion
/ w% H" R7 j5 {& \% Y# ~8 Y) W4 T- OSGO Mistika6 A$ W9 Z+ _5 B. Y. O& p
Grassvalley Edius and Rio  u6 H) }2 O- N  q% u
Toonboom harmony
* O: _2 a' I9 F7 b$ Z) i1 rVEGAS Pro
5 S" X8 a) x! O0 c0 \! MHitFilm Pro
7 I" D! e' D* k, j& c6 P
: f% ?$ P$ E8 ?0 V" }8 K+ @! k" T% D  S2 l% `5 ~

' R+ m4 l+ L5 ~: @" z. A# T: i: p! ~( X5 B1 g% a
Download:% F) \# h: p4 @  i" E
https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-adobe/SapphireAEInstall-2022.00.dmg+ D$ M1 @1 M% e, m5 q$ c7 `* n
4 A% r& k2 }$ U; _: E! ]https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-avid/SapphireAVXInstall-2022.00.dmg/ E% D; l1 e: F  g
https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-avid/sapphire-avx-install-2022.00.exe& a4 @9 B! h- l% j
https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-avid/sapphire-avx-install-2022.00-cuda10.exe$ h* ]/ ?/ ]0 e: w" S$ ?
https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-ofx/sapphireofx_2022.000-1.0_amd64.deb9 w7 {' S4 S$ i$ ^6 ~
https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-ofx/SapphireOFX-2022.000-1.0.x86_64.rpm' N2 u  H. O, ?0 z
https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-ofx/SapphireOFXInstall-2022.00.dmg4 s8 s5 Y, B3 ?# {
https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-ofx/sapphire-ofx-install-2022.00.exe3 T5 i$ y" A. |. |! u. M& B
6 Z; t1 ]7 n- }4 ^/ I7 m7 h% T& b5 @https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-photoshop/sapphire-ps-install-2022.00.exe
2 o4 s) x% `$ [- k; Ihttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-adobe/SapphireAEInstall-2022.01.dmg6 n. w+ {# G4 ^6 T8 H# d
https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-adobe/sapphire-ae-install-2022.01.exe9 t$ {: f- O: ~* }! B1 u0 D! U
https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-avid/SapphireAVXInstall-2022.01.dmg$ T% ^. F, Q4 e) e/ |% `1 Y
https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-avid/sapphire-avx-install-2022.01.exe9 Q: z0 u! k0 d0 c
- S2 a- v# V" w  ohttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-ofx/sapphireofx_2022.010-1.0_amd64.deb! ?6 d3 N: F# @' m, r
https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-ofx/SapphireOFX-2022.010-1.0.x86_64.rpm% f( m: G. w( n8 n9 N4 u/ E
7 l1 ~; a7 q2 b% @( khttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-ofx/sapphire-ofx-install-2022.01.exe
: L4 K( i; ^; m5 ^; lhttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-photoshop/SapphirePSInstall-2022.01.dmg
8 p3 A: [$ R: \# ]) i( s' m4 }8 yhttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-photoshop/sapphire-ps-install-2022.01.exe
0 Y; W: f7 y8 p5 Qhttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-adobe/SapphireAEInstall-2022.02.dmg/ @1 s6 w9 a" N4 H/ c8 O9 F
+ [4 S9 e8 @9 c, Zhttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-avid/SapphireAVXInstall-2022.02.dmg% V7 u" K' Y3 r8 Q4 {$ v
' m8 W) `: r  v; }' a: E# G2 phttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-avid/sapphire-avx-install-2022.02.exe
" W% }3 R2 ^3 z8 Y/ A8 bhttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-avid/sapphire-avx-install-2022.02-cuda10.exe
& t; R5 n# V* b$ a+ `7 Thttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-ofx/sapphireofx_2022.020-1.0_amd64.deb% L9 d9 j6 g0 O; S6 O
https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-ofx/SapphireOFX-2022.020-1.0.x86_64.rpm5 {9 d8 k% O( z+ V( B9 X
! f1 z& @$ r* u. Ihttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-ofx/sapphire-ofx-install-2022.02.exe
( Z" |: J! b. \3 k, O/ uhttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-photoshop/SapphirePSInstall-2022.02.dmg
4 h& z# V  {: b5 f' Y2 }2 ]https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/sapphire-photoshop/sapphire-ps-install-2022.02.exe
- `0 u1 h, F% x4 Q




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