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Program Name: Boris FX Continuum Complete 2022
8 }0 X7 @( T7 HProgram Type: VFX Plug-In* V* I% W) @( h" g: l# o! W0 p  Z
Release Date: 2/22/22
$ ?" O/ `. D9 x( ~: w/ L5 ]! [Homepage: https://www.borisfx.com/products/continuum-complete/?host= resolveHost
; x8 d& {: g/ D1 U& K$ V/ tInterface Language: English) l2 T+ L. b' B- Q, b
Platform: Win64/Mac, F. s) ^1 b8 S) L# Q! \
File Size: 401 MB \ 396 MB& m$ T, A- D" F; h  _3 H7 A
- ]( o1 g1 @% h5 q; @* Z8 G
Boris FX Continuum is the Swiss knife when it comes to such modules. Graphics restoration, image stabilization, advanced chroma key, Planar Tracking, Roto Masking and other functions available to you with Boris FX Continuum will allow you to take your projects to a completely new level.
5 {! Q1 U2 N  b. \2 Z
4 d8 V: p3 U% ?! S: g, b, B" X. x! FContinuum is a VFX suite whose functionality ranges from image restoration to working with text boxes, titles and 3D objects. In addition, chroma key, compositing, image stabilization and particle effects are available. Continuum keeps up with the latest VEGAS technology, including vignetting and Tracking Pixel Chooser compatibility!' A; M* K% C6 N& u) s  G
$ g  H/ L* f& m
Primatte Studio The" \; B: u4 j, {& l# @0 [
new Primatte Studio module is an advanced blue / green screen software package. In particular, it offers automatic blue / green screen analysis to “trim” uneven background illumination.# }7 E. |  q& F# @% |+ ^0 [: c
, W. l; P* a" M* u. R
VR Unit1 J- w4 v( z2 U4 J9 h: e5 G! s
360-degree videos in no time! The new VR Unit includes five filters fully adapted to work with 360-degree material. 180 °, 360 °, mono and stereoscopy are supported.
7 ^) {, j. M/ i5 k, |% T; ]4 B6 O9 e- `4 E  i
Wide range of TV standards The
7 H8 H5 \( H# ]. pnew Broadcast Safe filter is a very convenient instant solution! You just need to specify the required standard (or your own presets), after which the module will automatically do the rest.
8 Q: @& p3 n8 V- W6 w2 z* y
- s; d& [5 @/ u2 m. G; `Updated Title Studio
, V6 U; f) p% z% H; Z4 w6 B% iDiscover the new "engine" for 3D rendering, which allows you to select high-quality 3D-shadows and depth, implement animation for both individual objects and for the whole group at the same time, as well as the ability to use any of the ready-made presets and templates!
" U) R9 Q, h  N# Q) c
% b& ?* m1 A$ }7 z! ~4 e: U5 CMocha Tracking & Masking
/ Y" {( {2 b% c9 }' i& P4 M9 @Powerful 3D particle generator, emitter and natural looking effects for Motion Graphics and VFX make Mocha Tracking stand out from its peers. In addition, the 3D particle emitter is designed to support high-level hardware acceleration.! [: Y+ P3 Q8 r" ]' R
% n1 {9 U' ]* R& \9 K
Image recovery
# G0 Y# B# S, H  S  omodule Image recovery module includes a number of software features that allow you to quickly and efficiently "bring to mind" the footage. These include Beauty Studio, Pixel Fixer, Reframer / Remover, and Flicker Removal Module. Magic Sharp and exposure compensation are also part of the software package.& s) M( z  ?" B/ ~% Q  u

, u- z8 Q# U6 G& [4 U& \! n: hTransitions; z# N3 [4 N6 C8 I8 }3 Q' {
You can set the tempo and volume for your projects even without keyframes. Continuum 11 includes 40 automated animated transitions with over 500 different customization options.
% h$ X' u% R) r2 e/ H; K; Y2 O( V9 s# R4 x
3D objects
8 ?4 ]8 n/ S- I5 `8 {$ ~& u; MThanks to Continuum, you can easily create 3D objects in any resolution and any size. 2D and 3D text will always be extremely clear, regardless of the overall size of the objects.: L. I6 {; h3 Q7 M+ j6 e- z

- D$ N. I/ L+ ~2 KCorpuscular Effects! Y2 P! }$ L: A# D6 o; L
Mocha allows you to work with custom spline shapes that can be tracked with the Mocha Planar Tracker either singly or in groups. At the final stage, you can apply the selection to any individual desired fragments.
7 ?! W0 s( v: l, g* d, _' u. `8 P( _2 H" k5 f
FX Browser The# v+ e9 _& i  H8 {5 e
ability to always quickly find the perfect option! You can launch the FX Browser ™ from each individual Continuum filter with just one click. Thus, you will immediately get full access to the collection of filters at any time you need.! l) w) N' E3 l

( K8 [- V1 D# z$ aSystem requirements:
" Y" o( L  Q7 h& R/ z9 Q2 H. C  ^- Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit) or Windows 10 (64-bit)
, \1 V$ l+ |" a* A6 B- Creative Cloud, After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2014-2020
7 T4 i" O4 |1 D+ t7 F- Blackmagic: DaVinci Resolve 11+) w4 U$ l: m' O# l. J* m+ R$ q
- Avid Media Composer 6.5+- o0 v, O2 H8 J# R) o
- Magix: Vegas Pro 13+. @+ w& N1 h4 [* p
- FX Home HitFilm Pro 2017
2 C1 x( v( r1 n# c- Foundry: Nuke 8+
8 y* n$ m/ i" A/ @
3 w8 M8 Z5 q! k9 ~7 b7 o; K4 A# M  S' {, M/ ?0 k+ E

( N  D( n. \" i- h0 I$ F; w% I1 O% @: w; T7 x" w: {

0 _9 v3 W' f  A: F2 U5 a/ O& w) x
; v7 _# k4 e7 V% c0 R
9 M6 q6 v5 r6 a3 z+ b/ Y2 T, wDOWNLOAD:1 k7 J6 C4 [9 ?* h( C5 F
5 a; F: j# F1 K* S8 V6 \https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/continuum-adobe/Continuum_2022_Adobe_15_0_0_Windows.exe
) M6 I2 y4 s4 k+ @+ zhttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/continuum-avid/Continuum_2022_Avid_15_0_0_macOS.dmg
! b+ o5 V( P4 t9 ~& k+ ehttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/continuum-avid/Continuum_2022_Avid_15_0_0_Windows.exe
9 e' g' B: x( \+ Z/ S3 `% fhttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/continuum-ofx/Continuum_2022_OFX_Hosts_15_0_0_macOS.dmg
6 t4 N& e- ]; c! {/ D7 d% J: h; mhttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/continuum-ofx/Continuum_2022_OFX_Hosts_15_0_0_Windows.exe
6 o/ n+ Q: A( i4 g, E( W5 Khttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/continuum-adobe/Continuum_2022_Adobe_15_0_1_macOS.dmg
  S5 n5 V$ D+ ?0 j, e2 vhttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/continuum-adobe/Continuum_2022_Adobe_15_0_1_Windows.exe
& @9 t% [# @) [9 P, a* K8 G$ Shttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/continuum-avid/Continuum_2022_Avid_15_0_1_macOS.dmg/ a( p  M8 _- L8 c1 ^3 h
https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/continuum-avid/Continuum_2022_Avid_15_0_1_Windows.exe  M6 R4 w& j1 J3 y( a% _0 N
: b4 Z% X7 F- A4 X: }https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/continuum-ofx/Continuum_2022_OFX_Hosts_15_0_1_Windows.exe
4 M; p, G# q. T  u+ t9 H* ^2 Fhttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/continuum-adobe/Continuum_2022_Adobe_15_0_3_macOS.dmg6 p# R  G7 I0 f% o; u- o' n
( ]; }5 h3 z* f* F5 e0 dhttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/continuum-avid/Continuum_2022_Avid_15_0_3_macOS.dmg0 A7 _8 L: i# A
https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/continuum-apple-fcp/Continuum_2022_Apple_Final_Cut_15_0_5.dmg: C( u' h$ ~9 b" f1 e0 X
, x# v( v. |) Dhttps://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/continuum-ofx/Continuum_2022_OFX_Hosts_15_0_3_macOS.dmg, e- O  t/ f1 u/ A5 z5 o8 d5 v! @% W& x
0 S/ i. J, S6 L( v+ ?( b' s9 |" g' y$ h9 b7 _' i" }  [
+ @. _) B4 Q0 G. W# a6 R# U




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