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Program Name: MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio 16
% B, F: h6 W) F: H, P. z! bProgram Type: Audio editor: v: w0 V3 j, B- f% r$ v
Developer: Sony Creative Software, Inc.; l& Z7 `' }8 |/ h' ]6 B- a
0 N# B0 l, T! q+ ARelease Date: January 24th, 2022% m; w0 \, G8 _" `# m! t
Interface Language: Multilingual" W8 ^/ M5 _7 G% f
Platform: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1
2 K; Y$ ^, z2 }) \, L: K4 g* ZFile size: 700.43 MB
2 I& Y# l% {; t  n5 ~
6 r- F. o* Y7 J( Q5 m0 B, WMAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio is a powerful audio editor that contains everything you need to record, encode, edit and restore audio on your PC. With this program, you can apply sound effects, mix audio, synchronize audio with video, create your own loops and samples, and much more. Sound Forge Audio Studio makes it easy to capture sound from almost any source. Simply connect a microphone or instrument to your computer's sound card and click the Record button. You can also import audio CDs and MP3s, or use the Vinyl Recording and Restoration feature to digitize your vinyl, cassettes, and other analog sources.
8 e! g8 `/ y! V$ o
& d" Y) X' F; q1 R" O" xKey features of Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio:' i& u( v+ x, N, b  m
Capturing live sound# S* m; n9 ^  o: j' d+ S
To record live sound, the user simply connects a musical instrument or microphone to the PC's sound card and presses the record button. Sound Forge Audio Studio makes it easy to record musical instruments, vocals and more. Implemented the ability to import audio tracks from CDs and MP3 players. The Vinyl Recording and Restoration component records and restores music from vinyl records and audio cassettes.
" N) j1 |) \7 L) i; q7 Y# i4 q/ U) R0 k! ]6 c
Editing audio tracks6 x7 e4 l5 \/ m& D* I9 [
To get started, you need to drag the required file into the working field of Sound Forge Audio Studio. Users can adjust the audio level, trim unwanted parts, synchronize audio and video. When used in conjunction with ACID Music Studio, Sound Forge Audio Studio lets you create your own loops and samples.% y* S; @1 m& q( `5 o8 D! N% o
3 z$ i/ m) y; o9 c
Creating karaoke tracks3 M, x5 p  j$ P8 Z
Sound Forge Audio Studio includes the Vocal Eraser software module, which allows you to remove vocals from a recording or extract a vocal part to create remixes.1 U. r9 {" J$ A' v

, V) J  f7 s$ W! x# ^9 lExtended video support
7 L3 d; ~' |0 }The program is capable of synchronizing an audio track with a video sequence. Supports importing videos in common formats, including Windows Media, QuickTime, and others.
, x. t  I$ O5 p) }: l: V; h* V& g; J* o/ R( @; p  S
Applying Effects to Audio9 _7 @+ i  A5 A6 f0 |+ V
Users can style audio tracks with over 30 built-in effects (EQ, Delay, Chorus, Distortion, 1001 Sound Effects). Support for DirectX and VST increases the ease of use of the application and expands the number of effects that can be applied.' _) U  p+ B. u0 Y/ O3 ^

+ Q/ H4 u! p( U4 @0 K! IHelping Users Learn the Program$ @" B, B* ~  k9 @5 m# j
Show Me How tutorials are designed to guide the user through every step of the creative process. Whenever help is needed, click the Show Me How button and select a guide on the relevant topic.# \7 e  N( j1 H- T( b
6 H$ t, {  T3 q+ o  Y' r
Recording, exporting and downloading
8 F! g! G, ?6 s* |1 YThe program offers support for recording CDs with high-quality sound. Various recording methods are available - Track-at-Once (tracks are recorded sequentially, separated by a pause) or Disc-At-Once (flexible control of gaps between tracks). Audio recordings can be converted to MP3, WMA and other formats. In addition, you can create podcasts, export audio to MP3 players (PSP, iPod, iPhone, etc.) or upload tracks to the Internet.$ s( A+ }. b( k  o" x

/ S4 X6 v) Y! XOther Sound Forge features Audio Studio:# ^  o; c) A% N) q: M- \( H/ P4 s
- Built-in disc burning.
7 G7 u1 o5 }# m- Easy editing and navigation.
. I# T6 P! @/ |& l% y- Voice recording for video.9 O6 l9 o# n7 @* s3 x- t( N+ K
- Non-destructive editing in real time.3 m# P! Y8 J& j; s
- Fully customizable toolbar.% X: I, p. d/ c
- Multitasking background processing.
. k( o; D1 z5 I0 x8 s- ASIO driver support.: |5 x# n- k6 e9 G& A3 ~
- Support for audio quality up to 32-bit floating point, 192 kHz.
' q. o7 k/ o8 r  q. W) d- ^8 D1 y- c- Customizable window layouts.4 ]5 q7 F, w5 M$ x
- Unlimited Undo / Redo.& W0 c4 T. b) S( e3 i( {/ x! H& y
- Recovery after failure.
% w4 O: {" L5 ]& R# M
" c) r/ H$ l$ rSupported formats:
2 A/ P# z* b; I1 |: c- h- Import: AAC, AA3, AIFF, AU, AVI, DIG, FLAC, SD, CPI, MP3, OGG, OMA, PCA, QuickTime, RAW, SND, SFA, VOX, w64, WAV, WMA, WMV.- I9 X% r: g1 l6 X1 E
- Export: AAC, AA3, AIFF, AU, AVI, DIG, FLAC, IVTS, MP3, OGG, RealAudio, PCA, RAW, RealVideo, QuickTime, VOX, w64, WAV, WMA, WMV.6 L+ b3 b! `* O

- p9 U! G0 W# K2 \* PWhat's New in SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 16 ?2 V* S* b( X" D$ j. j/ i
NEW! Shape your own unique sound with modern EQ
) }: y1 m: I. ^+ |8 kEdit audio material even better and produce better quality results during equalization using the new modernEQ. You have the complete freedom to amplify, cut and shape sounds and frequency ranges while using the wide range of filter options in each EQ band. The precise options in modernEQ help you shape your own unique sound for projects.2 ^- U  z, h# }) G' j* G5 E
5 X" q2 e( u- M4 q. B* O, r8 y6 ?: E# ]0 m
NEW! Enjoy premium reverb effects at your fingertips with modernReverb" O5 O( u: f" R, {, q6 W
Enhance your sound with lifelike space and a deep, thick atmosphere using modernReverb. Adjust the presets to suit your preference or create a modern reverb effect for a more vibrant sound. Enjoy a simple, straightforward interface and professional quality sound.
4 S$ N% t" y, ~- m/ r: g% \  T/ h8 E. i: `. X9 e4 x" l
NEW! Advanced editing for effects plug-ins
3 ^" t# t# u6 E5 y, Z7 ^% \5 FAdvanced options for effects plug-ins editing ensure that you can quickly find the desired audio media and apply changes instantly. This provides you with the ability to work intuitively and, for example, edit a selected time range – even if the plug-in window is already open.
; L: [) v4 E$ T2 f5 y0 H9 F0 l; O
System requirements:) |& o' d1 G. N, h* T" |' o9 `
- OS: Windows 11, Windows 10+ M- M' T" k/ ~$ N
- Processor: 1.4 GHz' E3 }. v/ Y' I& w0 u" `$ G) J
- RAM: 512 MB+ B( q2 @( e9 J* A9 \8 x/ R
- Graphic card: Built-in, supports min. 1024x7681 l. z0 P* `" t1 U; H& o
- Hard disk: 500 MB free disk space for program installation
2 H1 M6 A7 g4 e9 x5 U& [- Sound card: built-in
, J  [) a; e) A
0 y9 f6 r6 `5 c9 l6 ^- k$ D
3 B  M) t* k. u
* H$ t+ J! L3 X# [+ ?4 y  N, n' }

3 p1 n* ]9 |7 w5 S5 F
1 p# i  Y6 K3 a/ Q7 a3 t
6 Z; u8 `, g$ C) O8 v
$ h1 Q0 A6 p  N0 F5 Z: qDOWNLOAD:
' n2 ^: V2 _' R5 N" xMAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio x64.exe % |' @1 {% a- _$ b
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio x86.exe 2 o" A( @! b/ q& V
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio x64.exe
; A8 M: Z; w& a7 xMAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio x86.exe5 J2 P4 D1 x; O4 k9 b- E% i

$ m6 P9 I: U! x
7 w/ D4 u' J  a; O% Z  A4 v4 B. s(访问密码:702844)
9 _2 B4 ]' w2 n2 Z8 Q1 k) j# I* T7 p  `
, Z" S+ K7 `. J+ A5 _0 A

  [! I) J. _( h" B/ N+ D$ D" y; ^




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