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Program Name: MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro 16
& j; g3 x9 D/ U, x" G. h$ {Program Type: Audio editor
5 e: P4 D) G& `' b& g/ b* |Developer: Sony Creative Software, Inc., r4 X3 P' a! ]3 h: k; H
Homepage: {  Q  ~% Y7 a( ^3 T9 n1 j# B
Release Date: August 10th, 2021
, b) O( J  H; I  sInterface Language: Multilingual$ u) [* a' T3 N) ?2 H+ E5 ?
Platform: Windows 10/8 / 8.1 / 7+ ~! E% }$ M, u
File Size: 400 MB / 507 MB1 I% J3 e9 p$ H  S' p+ J9 }' y% h

9 z0 M: K" [6 T% ]% x3 W5 iSOUND FORGE has been setting the standard in audio for over 20 years. SOUND FORGE Pro sets the benchmark for generations of producers, recorders and artists. SOUND FORGE Pro allows you to record, process and restore audio material with the highest output sound quality. Broadcast, CD burn or stream in the highest quality possible with software tools that deliver the highest precision, innovative features and innovative plug-ins. To work effectively with music and sound, you need powerful software tools, fast algorithms and an innovative approach - you will find all this in SOUND FORGE. 64-bit technology, high performance and crystal clear output sound make it possible to talk about a real breakthrough in its field.
4 p+ l5 `' K' N% g  Q* a+ m5 d
1 L3 R( H) B9 `+ xRECORDING
. |! I* F$ S/ T, D  _High-Resolution Signal SOUND FORGE Pro lets you record crystal-clear multi-channel audio at up to 64-bit/768kHz, apply effects while recording, and monitor your recordings from a fully customizable interface.2 K: H, o7 W: v  F

$ j" e1 N8 k  s5 l2 iSOUND EDITING PERFECT SOUND WORKING+ k8 V- \# B/ g) ^; [( ~
One of the main uses of SOUND FORGE Pro (besides direct signal processing) is sound design. Use precise software tools to shape your sound.; m; j0 I5 d. p+ w. \

6 p, G9 z) M  X+ c% `The perfect end-of-project result Die SOUND FORGE Pro Suite includes a range of tools and effects from top DSP developers Broadcasting, burning, streaming - always perfect results no matter the initial conditions.
+ Q: H. c+ Z5 ]  E+ N$ y  z  w. Y! z% ~& m8 `9 e3 X7 H+ p
SOUND FORGE Pro allows you to analyze your sound with powerful and easy to use sound visualization tools. Based on the available material data, music, speech (as well as noise) are displayed visually.
) f& T5 r# }4 w/ F, H# V% r3 L. u
You can use your own additional scripts at any time, which is especially convenient if you need to automate something. In SOUND FORGE Pro you will find a wide range of ready-made scripts with the possibility of unlimited use. Just a few examples: Mastering Wizard and Cleaning Wizard. A special editing window is at your service that allows you to open, create and modify existing scripts, and you can also use your own C#, JScript or VBScript scripts at any time. Full individuality in everything.9 l3 f* R$ q- l, V+ A' w* ]3 B

+ g+ \; \" C$ L7 a4 n4 oDSP EFFECTS3 g4 [7 L$ X# H) n# x" @
Use digital signal processor effects to edit audio files in real time and perform mastering tasks that are usually not possible on an analog basis. Add more dynamics and space to your sound and get rid of the noise in your sound.
" v' ^0 {' L+ ?  W6 g1 a9 E# |! ^5 a! g% _6 w  B6 h8 _+ B2 [7 \1 h
Mastering effects
; E: \8 r. z0 \! ?(coreFX 2-Point Compressor, coreFX Limiter, coreFX VolumeFormer, coreFX Expander, coreFX Compressor, coreFX Gate, Wave Hammer 2.0), ~* v- ^' T* V! Q; V

" V: }; o: L3 u0 E- m5 w, KDelay and reverb effects# m, D4 ~6 J  Y( B
(coreFX Delay, coreFX Chorus, coreFX Flanger, Acoustic Mirror™)
9 Y2 g) {& ]! V% r3 j+ E0 H/ J$ b* X# d2 h
Cleaning effects
0 M3 ^( R8 F' E. _(DeHisser, DeClicker / DeCrackler, DeClipper)
4 H+ F& ^( I9 M: L1 G' C- \# N& N7 R+ R! d: w* T) P
Time stretching & pitch shifting7 u' z8 Q) _: e/ Q
With the new élastiquePro v3 engine, you can experience impressive time stretching and pitch shifting without artifacts. Based on state-of-the-art psychoacoustic models and signal processing theory, zplane élastique provides stable timing, inter-channel phase coherence, and accurate sample stretching without compromising sound quality.
% Z! }9 H7 y6 j: K) d" J: `1 X! \* u( l+ o+ J- x+ X7 r7 n2 t+ V+ A% \
2 q  T9 a2 t! C/ c0 hVintage Effects Suite
/ d( @( J, U2 \; nECOX* k1 E2 [- j- S7 @$ D4 z# J
Ecox is a plug-in that simulates realistic tape echo sounds. Here you can reproduce the sound in an authentic way that sounds as if different tape speeds were used to change the delay - with tracking variation and loss of high frequencies during tape feedback.
- z- E6 m! @7 g! f" i: ~3 M- g# C& Y
FILTOX6 A- @0 x! B/ s6 v
This filter has been designed to control the frequency resonance of a modulation source. This allows you to create characteristic analog sound and internal distortion. Here, cutoff frequency and resonance work together to create synth sweeps and creative drum loop distortion that sound anything but digital.. `6 j9 @+ [/ i- |9 ^

5 ]6 u0 ?$ z( }1 W# I; B2 h# @CORVEX7 m" T+ M. ?  F' R# m$ d5 C3 D7 ^+ h
Corvex creates an exquisite sonic range of variations between analog chorus and flanger effects that goes beyond standard concepts. Give your instruments amazing acoustic depth, make them sound fuller, or create new layered textures.
0 C" }* z, u. a  X- _1 @0 Z* B* J& V+ A; P5 ~) n2 u
VariVerb II! q- ?  ^0 e$ d! r9 @/ Q
Room for new ideas: create the exact reverb effect you've been looking for.( s1 R+ s! \. e# w

9 N4 j5 i5 i0 N. P1 \1 dvandal
9 \5 g2 u; O4 g, P" p# d+ nVandal is a superb effects virtual guitar and bass amplifier that makes it easy to simulate any guitar effect in a realistic way.. x# P: F, c" b& D
  |+ `8 F2 B/ b% u$ _/ V/ l
$ r; h; X) o3 N( N6 p

0 H- N" |* c1 g, G% i
3 L5 g. z; Z7 A0 {6 H! Q0 M7 }2 {1 Q2 X8 {" H
# }4 ]7 N  F- m
0 g/ R8 ^; e+ s) LMAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro x64.exe$ {& o6 q8 B0 W: }$ n# J
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro x86.exe( m7 ^4 Z. Y; D: i9 ]2 {0 E
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro Suite x64.exe7 @/ q/ t1 k4 m
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro Suite x86.exe
- W; L4 V, r% Z! Y. QMAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro x64.exe
  v. Q8 y" ?& T/ ]" r# dMAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro x86.exe
" A: J" r$ u5 l, EMAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro Suite x64.exe7 o# y) _4 a; n6 b. ^. \- `
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro Suite x86.exe
+ ^; C$ D1 j8 w) ]2 u) `8 l: dMAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro x64.exe
# U+ p4 u  t2 L3 _) d$ t( XMAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro x86.exe' L/ D3 D1 y6 b. C
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro Suite x64.exe
6 w, S+ W% Z* i7 B# |& B* YMAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro Suite x86.exe
4 P8 f& I, m3 X/ F$ dMAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro x64.exe$ E+ O' m* m& }' Y
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro x86.exe, n2 f7 Y" c& l# x2 ~
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro Suite x64.exe
( d5 ]: b% Z  uMAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro Suite x86.exe: U7 j8 m' m/ P9 k# v. d+ s
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro x64.exe. k& V2 X. o# k# e3 Q* L
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro x86.exe* o0 m* s5 x8 p- r
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro Suite x64.exe0 p" R, Y( F/ o. H2 g7 q% @
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro Suite x86.exe
) [1 u4 b: Z" R: q& D9 kMAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro x64.exe
6 q" Q9 p9 M: d- k0 N8 M. f) G) RMAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro x86.exe
/ ^1 ^7 e9 W/ o) pMAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro Suite x64.exe  l- \! c, m0 B' f8 f. ]8 z+ N
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro Suite x86.exe& X' |: n8 Q$ ^

- G  m. P3 L; S7 t* p
* y! t- z2 O$ [+ ?2 G  @- `" u8 T$ N
0 @& d4 v  Z" {# Q
' L/ f. @  z+ p" {2 \7 Y% e* u0 b
(访问密码:702844)7 F+ c3 A5 C2 c1 K& s$ ]
' N7 @5 U, L% w( q  y) H/ f& Y
1 \1 X( t9 y$ `9 S4 C1 h: v
( _! u+ Y3 i" ~
+ D/ H3 `: b) ~' B7 Z0 {/ A

3 m. H$ k% e$ b5 X: n
; M% S4 H% @: T( T




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